Rachel Clark

Revenue Recruiter,

Move as Fast as the Talent Market

Run a faster, more efficient process with collaboration tools that help you move more quickly, in sync with your interviewers, and with confidence.

“It took less than two hours to roll out BrightHire — by the end of the day we were already getting value and seeing improvements in the speed and quality of our hiring decisions.”

Seth Nun

Senior Recruiter, Better

Make Better Decisions

Move the right people through the funnel by assessing candidates with more rigor, consistency, and concrete evidence.

“I’ve given opportunities to candidates that I probably wouldn’t have before BrightHire. Sometimes when I go back and listen to a recording, I feel more confident about a candidate conversation and decide to progress a candidate that I would have passed on.”

Cody Horton

Founder, Diverse Recruiting Experts

Close Candidates Quickly

Lean on real insights from interviews to remember details from conversations, build better relationships with candidates, and provide a consistent offer experience.

“Using BrightHire we were able to run a fast, informed interview process and hire a strong sales leader in five days that we would have otherwise lost to a competitor.”

  • 66%

    Speed up ramp time by

  • 17%

    Reduce screens to hire by

  • 15%

    Decrease time-to-hire by

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