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Transform quality of hire with AI that builds exceptional hiring plans, improves interview consistency, saves time with automated interview notes, enhances decision speed and quality, and gives you actionable talent insights.

Delivering immediate impact for forward-thinking talent acquisition teams.

*Based on a real study across 25,000+ candidates on the impact of BrightHire.

fewer interviews
per hire

increase in
pipeline efficiency

reduction in
candidate drop offs

“BrightHire has been invaluable for scaling our sales team with consistent quality hires.”

Brian Malkerson

CRO at Attentive

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Leading talent teams give BrightHire 4.9 stars on G2


BrightHire raises the bar on your entire hiring strategy.

Our interview intelligence platform helps you run a more efficient interview process, reduce bias, and raise the quality of your hires.


Build interview plans in minutes

Thoughtfully craft inclusive job descriptions and robust structured interview plans in minutes with an AI copilot for end-to-end interview planning.


Level up your interviews

Fully focus on candidates by compliantly recording and transcribing interviews. Get robust AI-powered interview notes and submit scorecard feedback in 1-click for faster, fairer feedback.


Increase quality of hire

Equip hiring teams with interview highlights and easy ways to collaborate for better, more equitable hiring decisions.


Boost interviewer quality

Access interview insights and AI-powered coaching to level up your interviewers and improve the candidate experience.


Stay in existing workflows

Stay in your workflow with seamless integrations for your ATS, video conferencing system, and collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, and email.

Loved by recruiters and hiring teams.

“BrightHire has been a game changer for us.”

“BrightHire helps me make sure we’re making the right hiring decisions.”

“BrightHire’s AI interview notes make my hiring teams wildly more productive.”

“We rely on BrightHire’s insights to truly understand, measure and deliver a fair and equitable hiring experience.”

“BrightHire brings efficiency and quality of hire to our hiring process.”

Trusted by leading talent teams

5 ways BrightHire helps you transform your hiring process.

Say goodbye to the old way of hiring. Here are the five major hiring problems talent leaders overcome with BrightHire.

The old way

The new way

Unstructured, repetitive interviews

A lack of consistent structure leads to biased questions, distracted interviewers, and a bad candidate experience.

Streamlined, consistently great interviews

Hiring plans built in minutes and real-time interviewer guidance helps your team run structured, consistent interviews and avoid repetitive questions.

Incomplete feedback that takes forever

Manual note taking distracts interviewers from focusing on the candidate, resulting in delayed feedback based on choppy notes and vague memories.

Better feedback in half the time

AI-powered notes and highlights allow interviewers to completely focus on candidates and raise feedback submissions by 28%.

Endless interview loops

Too many interviews in the hiring process leads to bottlenecks, wasted time, and candidate drop offs.

More signal from fewer interviews

Automated notes and highlights help hiring teams make better hiring decisions, streamline interview panels, and eliminate unnecessary interview rounds.

Mis-hires and biased hiring decisions

Hiring decisions are made on gut feelings and fuzzy recollections, leading to bias and mis-hires.

Data-driven, high-quality hiring decisions

Hiring teams are equipped with real evidence and actionable interview insights, so they can make data-driven decisions every time.

Ineffective interviewer training

Inadequate training and guidance increases your risk of biased hiring and poor candidate experience.

Scalable interviewer excellence

Effective training programs using “best of” clips, automated coaching, and AI-powered insights help your interviewers continuously level up their skills.

“BrightHire offers the most compelling technology I’ve ever seen for making better hiring decisions.”

Adam Grant

Advisor, Organizational Psychologist

Ready to see it in action?

Leading talent teams give BrightHire 4.9 stars on G2