Scale structured, consistent interviews

Live, automated coaching guides every interviewer and keeps the process consistent across candidates. Interviewers are always prepped and ready, and all candidates get a great interview experience.

“BrightHire from a business perspective is a no-brainer because everyone has bias, everyone has a communication flaw, and BrightHire lets you see that in the data.”

Cody Horton

Founder, Diverse Recruiting Experts

Eliminate bias from hiring decisions

Automatically generated highlights provide real facts as a basis for decision making. Hiring teams can quickly recall real moments to mitigate bias, triangulate perspectives, and check each other’s blind spots.

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Use new insight into your hiring practices to drive important change

We put new data at your fingertips to understand and address critical questions, like how consistently candidates are being assessed, or why conversion rates might be lower among certain groups of applicants.

Continuously level up hiring with smart alerts

Let us crunch the numbers to show you the vital areas to focus on to improve hiring equity. Get DEI alerts in real-time with actionable tips that help you improve your interviews and proactively fix issues that could lead to bias.

Take a closer look at the metrics that matter

Finding the issues that lead to bias is no longer a guessing game. Take a deep dive into important hiring metrics across your departments, positions, stages, and individuals to build a better, fairer hiring process based on real data, not guesswork.

Deliver automated interviewer coaching to scale excellence

BrightHire automatically delivers personalized feedback to every interviewer about how they’re running conversations, so even resource-strapped teams can scale sound interviewing practices across the organization.

People Heart image BrightHire

“BrightHire gives us the ability to incorporate structured interviewing (and stick to the plan!) and the ability to share parts of interviews so my team can hear how the candidate answered.”

“BrightHire provides our hiring teams with amazing information to run a search. It’s more than just a recording tool. It is a coaching / training software and an invaluable reference for our team.”