About Interview Recording

BrightHire clients have run hundreds of thousands of interviews globally to ensure they are delivering an effective and equitable hiring process.

  • Recording interviews is legal, widely adopted, and an essential tool to reduce bias in hiring
  • With full visibility into your interview process and a proactive approach to compliance, you can reduce risk and improve compliance across a broad pool of interviewers
  • Interview recording drives positive behaviors, and promotes making hiring decisions for legitimate reasons

“BrightHire is an invaluable tool for supporting a fair and compliant hiring process. It ensures that employers have complete and accurate records, that candidates are considered consistently, and gives employers the ability to ensure interviews are conducted properly.”

Felice Ekelman

Leading labor law expert and Partner at Am Law 100 firm

Raise Hiring Quality, Reduce Hiring Risk

BrightHire facilitates a high-quality and compliant hiring process, improves the candidate experience and reduces the opportunity for risk.


Build a world-class pool of interviewers by delivering scalable, effective interview training with the ability to quickly spot-check and address areas of deficiency

Real-Time Guidance

Ensure interviewers stay focused on what matters by providing each interviewer in-the-moment guidance for more consistent and effective evaluations


Raise interview quality and professionalism with a truly transparent and accountable interview process that holds everyone to a higher standard


Hire confidently, properly substantiate decisions, and bring clear and immediate resolution to any question with a factual record of every interview.

Enterprise-Ready and Secure

BrightHire is built to support leading enterprises. Security and compliance is our top priority.

Information Security

We maintain a robust information security program

SOC 2 Type 2 certification

Compliance with industry-leading standards for managing enterprise data

GDPR & CCPA compliant

We support client compliance with GDPR and CCPA, and have a global client base

Data Retention

Set custom data retention rules to adhere to your internal data retention policies

Granular Permissions / RBAC

We offer granular, role-based access control which can align to your applicant-tracking system policies to ensure data is tightly controlled

Compliant and Candidate-First

By recording interviews, your organization can assess candidates based on substance, not subjective memories. We help you do so legally with candidates in control.


We make it easy to ensure every participant is aware the conversation will be recorded before and during the interview.


While the type of consent required to record a conversation varies based on the jurisdiction, we support both implied and active consent.

Candidate opt-out

Using BrightHire you can put candidates in control, giving them the ability to opt-out of recorded interviews ahead of time. Historical opt-out rates are less than 1%.