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Isabelle Guerineau

As an aside, I am also of course, consistently grateful for the professional benefits BrightHire has brought to my career this past year. Unquestionably, the product’s capability to allow recruiters to be a fly on the wall and truly understand the POV of a Hiring Manager within a variety of functions has been the launching pad for my career. Aw well, time and time again I rely on BH’s content and hiring materials. You will always have a brightHire evangelist here at your disposal.


I just used Brighthire for the first time this week and I’m seriously impressed. As I was writing feedback I couldn’t recall a point that was made, and it was great to be able to go back and watch that moment in time so I didn’t have to rely on whatever I thought I remembered
from the meeting. Seriously game changing!




We’ve been loving BrightHire! It makes it so easy to hop from interview to interview. We’ve had a couple of engineering candidates who are better fits for other teams, and it’s amazing to have a team go back and review their screens instead of having to re-interview them!

Natalie Tragher

As a candidate, the biggest advantage of using BrightHire is that the interviewer is paying attention to the conversation.

Virginia Ulrich

BrightHire pushes the industry to better hiring practices. The hiring experience is grueling for candidates and filled with bias, and I really appreciate how much BrightHire naturally nudges people to check themselves.


We are all huge fans of BrightHire, and know it will continue to take off.


BrightHire has been a Lifesaver! I love taking the notes live and then using them and the video recording to fill out my scorecards later. I am really loving the tool!

Seth Nun

BrightHire will change the way you conduct interviews

BrightHire enables me to be a better recruiter and provide top-notch candidate experience during interviews because I spend less time jotting down notes and direct my full attention to the candidate and their stories!


BrightHire makes Interviewing Easier

I like that I can focus on the actual conversation I’m having with a candidate instead of worrying about writing down all of the information they are saying. BrightHire is awesome!

Lauren Cassen

We use BrightHire and it’s been a game-changer for being able to review the hundreds of interviews being had weekly.

Rachel Clark

With such ambitious hiring goals, we can’t afford to waste time on extra interviews or the wrong candidates. BrightHire gives us the information we need to make confident decisions and stay on pace with our goals.

Peter Oh

BrightHire has given me powerful insight into how our interviews are being run, which helps me define talent acquisition priorities with real context!


BrightHire has had a huge impact and created tremendous value for our team.


BrightHire is a great tool for recruiting and HR professionals

The platform is user-friendly and provides a great structure to follow during candidate screening calls. I like how you can write your own call scripts and seamlessly navigate among subject headings during a call. That platform is a great sidekick!

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