“BrightHire has given me powerful insight into how our interviews are being run, which helps me define talent acquisition priorities with real context!”

Hit your plan with unprecedented visibility

A complete view into the heart of the hiring process, powerful analytics and new insights help you plan effectively, accelerate hiring, and win more of your favorite candidates.

Ramp recruiters in one-third the time

When you’re growing fast, every day matters. BrightHire helps you onboard recruiters in one-third the time by giving new team members immersive, on-demand shadowing opportunities. What’s more, they can regularly learn from each other and receive personalized coaching. The sky’s the limit.

“This year, BrightHire has been especially important for helping us onboard a rapidly scaling Talent Acquisition team. We’ve been able to expedite the time it takes to get recruiters comfortable with the pitch, options, and calibration standards by using our best calls as a library.”

“We originally brought on BrightHire to help us drive funnel efficiency, and it remains a use case we’re solving, but we’re also leaning on it to help us maintain a consistent process, review team calls, and more. We’ve recently found a lot of value in BrightHire as a quality-control mechanism.”

Consistently great interviews

Ensure interview quality at scale. BrightHire gives you the tools to develop a deep understanding of the candidate experience, solve problems early and help your interviewers and recruiters excel at the craft of interviewing.

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