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Rippling has a global team of over 2,000 employees, and offers a platform that automates time-consuming HR, IT, and finance tasks.


Rippling’s Global Head of Business Recruiting, Tom Evangelista, wanted to create a more efficient, consistent interview process. He explains, “We found there were a lot of inefficiencies in the way that we were interviewing our candidates. We needed a way to bring consistency to our hiring process.”

Tom noticed inconsistencies in the way candidates were evaluated and found that candidate experience varied from candidate to candidate. Tom knew he needed a way to get visibility into the organization’s interviews, so he could build a more efficient, structured process.


So Tom turned to BrightHire’s interview intelligence platform for help. With BrightHire, Rippling could:

Build a more structured, efficient process

By recording and transcribing interviews with BrightHire, Tom could finally get visibility into Rippling’s interviews to spot and fix inconsistencies across the hiring process. With BrightHire, he could see how interviewers tested for competencies, if they were asking the same questions, and if candidates were being evaluated consistently.

From there, Tom and his team built streamlined interview plans in BrightHire that mapped out what competencies interviewers needed to cover, what questions they should probe into, and how to uniformly assess each candidate.

Up-level interviewers and provide 1:1 coaching

BrightHire’s Interviewer Training Suite gave Tom and his team an easy way to provide real-time, relevant feedback to interviewers. With BrightHire, Tom built an on-demand interview training program that taught interviewers best practices, covering how to provide a great candidate experience, navigate unconscious bias, and run a streamlined interview process.

Tom could also replay recruiter calls to provide 1:1 coaching that helped recruiters uplevel their skills.

“BrightHire creates the stage to bring your best self to every interview, and represent your company in the best light.” Tom explains.

Make quality hiring decisions with confidence

BrightHire made it easier than ever to debrief on candidates, giving the hiring team the ability to share key moments with others for feedback. It also allowed the hiring team to flag any concerns, so interviewers could delve deeper for better clarification and insight.

Hold leaders and recruiters accountable

Before BrightHire, it was challenging for Tom’s team to hold hiring managers accountable. But by reviewing BrightHire’s interview recordings and transcripts, the team could now ensure every leader was helping their team improve their interviewing skills and following a structured, consistent process.

Tom says, “BrightHire helps hold our hiring leaders accountable for the candidate experience that they’re giving to every single person.”


BrightHire’s unparalleled data and analytics helped Rippling introduce consistency to interviews, and create an efficient, equitable hiring process.

The result?
  • Improved quality of hire due to greater alignment on evaluation criteria and feedback quality.
  • Reduced cost per hire through efficiency gains from interview training, while expanding the organization’s pool of qualified interviewers.
“BrightHire is a very useful tool for improving candidate experience and making quality hiring decisions.”
Jennifer Hasche

VP, Global Tech Recruiting

Streamline your interview process

while raising quality of hire.