Faster, better feedback with AI Notes

No more hunting down scorecards. With our AI Interview Notes, interviewers can provide detailed feedback in one click, ported right into your ATS.

  • 27%

    fewer interviews per hire

  • 1000s

    of hours saved using AI Notes

  • 27%

    faster to submit feedback

Get more signal with less interview time

Remove scheduling bottlenecks and slow-downs by reviewing interviews asynchronously. Get all the right stakeholders involved in the decision-making process, without relying on getting an interview on their calendar. Streamline the interview process to remove redundancies and activities that don’t provide the proper signal.

Recruiters and hiring managers in lockstep

Calibration between recruiters and hiring managers has never been easier. Shared context from actual interviews helps everyone get on the same page and tighten up the search process.

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Close more of the best candidates in your funnel

Ensure all your interviewers are showcasing your company in the right way, so you’re always putting your best foot forward. Make it easy to connect candidate values to company culture when you’re making the offer.

Pivot candidates to the right role

Easily transition a candidate to another role’s pipeline without starting the interview process over, and stop losing amazing candidates due to clunky process and team disconnects.

Tackle the biggest driver of inefficiency: indecision

A second opinion is just a click away. Easily share interview highlights to remove guesswork and help hiring managers decide with confidence.

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“With such ambitious hiring goals, we can’t afford to waste time on extra interviews or the wrong candidates. BrightHire gives us the information we need to make confident decisions and stay on pace with our goals.”

“Using BrightHire we were able to run a fast, informed interview process and hire a strong sales leader in five days that we would have otherwise lost to a competitor.”