Replicate your best interviewers with training that works

Your most critical engineers spend hours each week on interviews. Set up an automated training program to educate new engineers in a consistent, high quality, low-cost way. Multiply your star interviewers and spread the load across a larger pool.

  • Automated, on-demand interviewer training on specific interviews with examples of best and worst answers to calibrate on exactly what you’re looking for in each role
  • Provide new interviewers direct feedback on key moments in their interviews during debriefs, async via comments, or in any other context

More confident hiring decisions in less time

With BrightHire, engineering leaders can scale their involvement in the hiring process, stay informed, and empower their team in new ways.

  • Maintain visibility into interviews, without having to spend time with every candidate
    Close gaps in interview topics to ensure your team gets the most value and signal out of interviews
  • Optimize your debriefs and access real data from interviews, so you can make decisions for the right reasons

“It is super important that we hire the right people as we build a product, team, business and company, and BrightHire helps us do that. I am not good at note-taking or recollecting conversations with precision, I rely on BrightHire to help me revisit conversations and identify strengths and weaknesses that I might have missed during the interview. As a team, we review each other’s interviews to make sure that following interviewers can cover areas that were missed in previous conversations.”

  • > 35,000

    engineering interviews run on BrightHire

  • < 1 %

    candidate opt-out rate

“BrightHire changed the way we hire engineers. We’re able to thoughtfully assess how candidates will add value to our growing engineering organization. As a Co-founder and CTO, I’m able to scale my involvement in the hiring process – I can stay involved and watch interview highlights, while also empowering my team to make the best hiring decisions.”

Land top talent with a healthy candidate pipeline

Stop wasting time on interviews with unqualified candidates. Quick, asynchronous coordination with recruiters helps you align earlier in the hiring process and eliminates time-intensive back and forth communication and interviews.

  • Use real evidence to get on the same page with recruiters
  • Qualify or disqualify candidates in minutes, without needless second-round interviews with the wrong candidates
  • Confidently level candidates based on interview performance and knowledge – don’t lose a qualified junior engineer because they’re interviewing for a senior role
  • Stay competitive with candidates, and get offers in hand sooner with quick turnaround on interview feedback and instant scorecard completion

Calibrate on technical interviews

Discuss and evaluate answers to technical interviews in multiple dimensions, and empower every member of your team to interview engineers across levels.

  • Review candidate responses for architecture reviews, project discussions and coding challenges as a team to select the best talent
  • Empower junior interviewers to partake in technical assessments, and trust that you have everything you need to review their interviews with context
  • Enable recruiters to learn about engineering culture, tech stack and engineering priorities by asynchronously shadowing engineering interviews

“BrightHire is especially helpful because our interviews are not coding based. They are systems design and based. You’re not looking for engineers to solve an algorithm. You’re actually looking at their thought process. It’s been helpful for our CTO to go back and watch the interviews so he’s not in the weeds, struggling to make decisions – he can go back and see what a candidate actually said.”

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