Make hiring repeatable, consistent and high-quality

Avoid costly mis-hires, which impact quota attainment and top-line growth

Calibrate your team on what “great” sounds like and scale leadership interviews

I cannot imagine hiring sales reps without BrightHire. Going into an interview after already hearing their responses to relevant questions allows me to dig so much deeper in my conversations and gives me more confidence in my decisions. It makes me much better and more efficient at interviewing. Absolute game-changer.”

Hire more A players, spend less time in interviews

With BrightHire, sales leaders can scale their involvement in the hiring process, stay informed, and empower their team in new ways.

  • Maintain visibility into interviews, without having to spend time with every candidate
  • Hit on all the right interview topics to ensure your team gets the most value and signal out of interviews
  • Optimize your candidate debriefs and access real data from interviews, so you can give every candidate a fair chance

Work seamlessly with your recruiting team to speed up hiring

Stop wasting time on interviews with unqualified candidates. Quick, asynchronous coordination with recruiters helps you align earlier in the hiring process and eliminates time-intensive back and forth communication and interviews.

  • Run more consistent, rigorous interviews
  • Use real moments from actual interviews to get on the same page with recruiters and truly move beyond the resume to evaluate sales skills and competencies
  • Qualify or disqualify candidates in minutes, without needless second-round interviews with the wrong candidates
  • Stay competitive with candidates and shorten the interview process with instant scorecard completion

“Using BrightHire we were able to run a fast, informed interview process and hire a strong sales leader in five days that we would have otherwise lost to a competitor.”

  • > 30,000

    sales interviews run on BrightHire

  • < 1 %

    candidate opt-out rate

“When I think about the journey of recruiting and hiring someone, what I love most is that BrightHire touches and improves the entire process end to end.”

Capture role-plays to align on what “great” sounds like

Discuss and evaluate role-play assessments and align on must-have traits versus coachable nice-to-haves.

  • Review candidate responses as a team to select the best talent
  • Equip front-line managers with a recording to reference so they can make more confident decisions
  • Compare candidate responses with complete confidence

Train your interviewers to identify the best sales talent

Great interviewers hire great reps. BrightHire equips your team of interviewers with the know-how to distinguish the best from the rest. Automatically train your team to identify key traits, dig deep enough to get signal, and sell the opportunity to candidates.

  • Automated, on-demand interviewer training on specific interviews with examples of best and worst answers to calibrate on exactly what you’re looking for
  • Coach interviewers with direct feedback on key moments in their interviews during debriefs, async via comments, or in any other context

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