Aaron Biddle, MBA

Director of Training, Atlas MedStaff

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    Increase in travel nurse placements

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Atlas MedStaff is a leading staffing agency for the fast-growing travel nursing industry, which increased by 35% in 2020. The industry is propelled by staffing agencies like Atlas that place travel nurses at healthcare facilities.


Atlas relies on its team of recruiters to find new travel nurses and help them secure temporary jobs at healthcare facilities. The recruiters’ success is measured by the number of placements they make. Or, in other words, the number of nurses who sign a contract for a new job at a healthcare facility.

To prepare recruiters for this important role, they take an 8-week onboarding program run by Aaron Biddle, Director Of Training. Recruiters learn the ins and outs of the position, including how to get to know nurses, interest them in job opportunities, build their candidate profile, and help them find a new position based on their preferences and requirements.

The onboarding classes include recruiters from all types of backgrounds and with varying degrees of experience. To help every recruiter – regardless of their experience level – learn how to perform their job well, Aaron and his team of trainers needed a way to listen to recruiters’ calls and provide one-on-one coaching.


Each week, Atlas’ recruiters reach out to 500 nurses. Their goal is to speak with potential candidates about their backgrounds, priorities, and motivations. If a nurse is qualified, the recruiters work with them to build a profile that showcases their experience and helps them land a new job.

The number one priority for Atlas’ recruiters is to make the most of their conversations with nurses. This means they must be able to ask the right questions and navigate objections. That’s where Aaron and his team of trainers come in. They’re here to help recruiters hone these skills and improve their conversations. To provide the best guidance, the trainers needed a way to get visibility into recruiters’ calls. So they turned to BrightHire for help.

With BrightHire, the trainers can access recordings and transcriptions for every call Atlas’ recruiters make. When a recruiter struggles, a trainer can listen to their calls and provide one-on-one coaching. By providing specific, actionable feedback, the trainers help recruiters focus on improving the quality of their conversations, not just the quantity.

One of the trickiest parts of navigating phone calls with nurses is handling objections. Before, when a recruiter encountered an objection on a call – like the salary is too low or the location is undesirable – they often struggled with how to respond. With BrightHire, the trainers can incorporate these examples into onboarding to demonstrate how recruiters should respond and find other ways to bring value to the nurses.

While the trainers used to rely on a set selection of call recordings to onboard recruiters, they now have unlimited access to calls. Whenever they find an example that showcases a vital concept or skill, they can easily clip the key moment from the call recording and share it with recruiters.

But the most surprising benefit? BrightHire has given Aaron and the trainers a more meaningful way to engage recruiters. By incorporating the onboarding groups’ recorded calls into the training, recruiters can learn from one another, encourage their teammates, and celebrate their progress as a team. Aaron says this has built a stronger culture among recruiters and made everyone feel more connected to Atlas’ culture, even from afar.


Aaron and his team are now able to train a higher volume of recruiters, which has resulted in Atlas reducing its average time to place nurses. With BrightHire’s help, the recruiters increased their placements by 60%, growing from 1,000 to more than 1,600 travel nurses managed per period (every four weeks).

“I wouldn’t be able to function at my current level without BrightHire. It gives me the ability to provide one-on-one coaching to my recruiting team, which helps them perform at a higher level and increase our number of placements.”
Aaron Biddle, MBA

Director of Training, Atlas MedStaff

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