• 300%

    increase in engineering hires

  • 9x

    more candidates in the onsite interview stage

Company Stage

Public (ANGI)




Company Size

4,500 employees


Online Homeservices Marketplace

Angi is a fast-growing online marketplace of services for homeowners. From repairs and renovations to products and financing, Angi transforms every touchpoint of homeownership. With a network of more than 250,000 pros, Angi has helped more than 150 million people with their needs.


In 2021, Angi’s VP of Corporate Talent Acquisition, Jessica Haber, was tasked with scaling Angi’s engineering hiring to support their rapid growth.

Jessica expanded her recruiting team to keep up with the growing needs of the company but quickly realized that interviewer capacity was their limitation. The team didn’t have enough interviewers to move candidates through their hiring process in a timely manner. Jessica considered outsourcing technical interviews to a coding assessment platform to resolve the issue but preferred to invest in elevating their own interviewers without an outsourced investment.


Angi turned to BrightHire to train interviewers and give them the evidence they needed to make quality hiring decisions.

Interview Training

Jessica created a training program built from examples of recorded interviews captured on BrightHire.

New interviewers watched interview clips to better understand Angi’s technical interview questions, calibrate on the quality of candidate’s responses, and understand hiring best practices. They learned how to conduct technical and behavioral interviews and assess candidates by reviewing highlights from prior interviews.

As a result, new interviewers were quickly brought up to speed and added to the interviewer pool, which enabled more qualified candidates to move through the hiring process faster.

Interview Review

Once interviewers were trained, BrightHire helped them make faster and fairer decisions.

If an interviewer was unsure whether a candidate had the right technical skills for a role, they could have another interviewer or hiring manager review the interview using BrightHire to get a second technical opinion — removing this indecision that usually slowed down hiring or led to an automatic ‘no’ for a candidate.

BrightHire also ensured that interviewers could properly conduct values-based “culture fit” interviews. When there was an outlier scorecard with negative feedback, hiring managers reviewed the interview to see if the right culture fit-related questions were asked and if the candidate’s answers showed they were incompatible with Angi’s values. This double-check kept great engineering candidates in the hiring process.


By using BrightHire, Angi quickly scaled engineering interview capacity by training interviewers and helped them make faster and fairer decisions. Angi was able to bring in 9x more candidates to the onsite interview stage and increased overall engineering hiring by 300%.

“BrightHire helped us massively scale our engineering hiring and increase our hiring volume by 300%. It was very important that we train interviewers on how to assess technical problems and on Angi’s expectations of candidates so that we are interviewing fairly and upholding our bar for candidate quality. By building out a training program with BrightHire, we trained up an army of people to help us hire really quickly.”

Jessica Haber

VP of Corporate Talent Acquisition

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