Amber Schwartz

Director of Talent Acquisition, Salesloft

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Atlanta, GA



Company Size

750+ employees


Sales SaaS Platform

Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. Founded in 2011, Salesloft has grown to 750+ employees and was recently recognized as one of Battery Venture’s 25 Highest-Rated Cloud Computing Companies To Work For, and has been a winner of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for the past five years in a row.


In early 2021, Salesloft’s rapid growth created a massive need for new talent.

Amber Schwartz, Salesloft’s Director of Talent Acquisition, had to expand her 4-person recruiting team to meet this challenge. She needed to quickly build a team of effective recruiters to bring in new sales talent. This would entail ramping several new recruiters and streamlining interviews, making the process more efficient without sacrificing quality for the recruiters or candidates.


With BrightHire, Salesloft’s growing team of new recruiters could watch interviews to understand their roles and learn the interview strategies used to hire for them. Recruiters could consolidate their interview training instead of shadowing live calls and observing hiring manager interviews to understand the competencies they were looking for. This helped the recruiters preempt hiring managers’ needs to stay one step ahead at the top of the funnel.

As a result of having a one-stop shop for better training, Salesloft’s recruiter ramp process became more thorough and efficient. Salesloft was able to ramp recruiters more quickly than they had in the past. Recruiters were able to make their first hire in as little as 5 weeks, beating the average time before BrightHire was implemented by 40%.

BrightHire also benefited Salesloft’s candidate experience by helping recruiters become more supportive, more informed liaisons for candidates. As a former agency recruiter herself, Amber noted the importance of coaching candidates to put their best foot forward – a practice Salesloft recruiters get more exposure to while onboarding, in part thanks to BrightHire. By providing feedback and advocating for candidates throughout the process, Salesloft engendered positive feelings about their employment brand, putting them in the position to hire quality candidates in a challenging talent market.

With a newly enabled recruiter team, Salesloft continued to leverage BrightHire to improve its interview process and work toward ambitious hiring goals. The platform was instrumental in evaluating interview processes to reduce time to hire. Salesloft’s revenue recruiting teams were especially successful using BrightHire to do this, taking a critical look at their process steps to avoid redundancies. Hiring team leaders could watch and note highlights from each other’s interviews instead of conducting another interview with a candidate to decide their fit for a role. This led them to eliminate a complete step in the interview process, helping to avoid interviewer and candidate repetition, reduce interviewer fatigue, and shorten their timelines. Salesloft also became more agile in recruiting for different roles. If teams felt a candidate was better for another pipeline, they could avoid restarting the process by reviewing the candidate’s interviews and moving forward from that point. This significantly increased the efficiency of Salesloft’s hiring teams and processes.


BrightHire was able to help Salesloft triple the size of their recruiting team within the year. Even better: it ramped the team 40% faster and improved time to fill by 11%. Salesloft was able to meet its hiring goals for 2021, filling over 75 sales positions.

“I think the most compelling thing about BrightHire was getting recruiters in the door and ramped quickly. Because recruiters provide value faster, it helps us meet the rest of our hiring metrics. Having people ramped to identify the right talent and make the right hire is more than just onboarding. It’s onboarding strategic partners.”
Amber Schwartz

Director of Talent Acquisition, Salesloft

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