Build a world-class team of interviewers

Replace outdated, surface-level presentations with a living interview training program. Use real examples from your company’s interviews to show interviewers what great sounds like and equip them with responses to even the most challenging questions or objections.

Ramp new recruiters in record time

Give new recruiters everything they need to get up to speed in record time. Recorded interviews give new team members immersive, on-demand shadowing opportunities so they can master the company pitch and the ins and outs of your recruiting practice.

  • 66%

    shorter recruiter ramp

  • 27%

    fewer interviews per hire

  • 35%

    increase in hire rate

More great interviewers, less burnout

BrightHire makes it easy to expand your pool of interviewers to avoid burnout and scheduling bottlenecks. Train and prep new interviewers by surfacing best-in-class examples, and automatically provide live, in-the-moment guidance and questions during interviews. Deliver one-to-one interview feedback and coaching to elevate your recruiting efforts.

Start building your dream team today.

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Same recruiters, new reqs

Upskill recruiters and jumpstart their ability to take on new roles. With a complete library of interview highlights, recruiters can quickly understand requirements for new roles and partner with new hiring managers.

Coaching for continuous growth

Create a culture of hiring excellence with regular coaching opportunities for recruiters and interviewers. Provide personalized feedback with specific context to help your team become better interviewers, grow their confidence, and drastically improve the candidate experience.

People Heart image BrightHire

“I can’t live without BrightHire. It’s a game changer for recruiter onboarding and overall decision making. It’s my #1 ‘can’t live without’ tool outside of my ATS.”

“BrightHire provides our hiring teams with amazing information to run a search. It’s more than just a recording tool. It is a coaching / training software and an invaluable reference for our team.”