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Chris Meador

I live and breathe by BrightHire for recruiting.
I’m not positive I could do my job without it.


Can’t say enough about the community that BrighHire has created. Last week I joined my first roundtable, and it was an incredible experience. Learned a lot about referrals, working in a global company, and made a few new connections along the way.

Idk about you, but interacting with a community definitely beats a dripped newsletter any day of the week. Why? Because I’m actively engaging vs. passively consuming.


Seriously my favorite community outside of my work organization. I have loved every single conversation and connection made with my people 🥰

I’ve learned SO much!!! You guys are the bees knees 🐝💖


Thank you for the amazing work you are doing in bringing us all together.


Truly the best!


I love being a part of this group, you are all so amazing ❤️


I love the interaction on this Slack group!


I love this group!


Shine is an amazing group, and I’m excited to see it continue to grow.


I love everything you’re doing with the Shine Community on Slack.

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