Dramatically improve interview quality to make better hires

Your company’s future shouldn’t be left to gut-feel and guesswork. We help you uncover the best talent and avoid costly mistakes by raising the quality of every single interview and hiring decision your team makes.

“BrightHire offers the most compelling technology I’ve ever seen for making better hiring decisions.”

Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, host of WorkLife podcast with TED, New York Times bestselling author

Free your interviewers to truly listen for more signal

Free up interviewers so they can focus on candidates, not on taking notes. Knowing that BrightHire has their back gives them the confidence to truly listen, have better conversations and deliver a great experience.

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The most informed decisions come from structured, consistent interviews

Interview time is extremely limited, and BrightHire helps you use it in the best way possible. Structured, consistent interviews ensure that you hit on all the most important competencies and don’t bog down candidates with repetitive questions.

Make better hires with the perfect level of collaboration

Hiring is a game of telephone and a lot gets lost in translation. When hiring teams review and share interviews, they can finally work together to triangulate perspectives, check bias at the door, and avoid costly mistakes.

People Heart image BrightHire

“BrightHire is fantastic! The fact that you can video record interviews and share parts or full with other managers/leaders is just fantastic. I strongly believe this leads to higher quality hires and a more efficient process. Being able to move candidates quickly through the process is both a competitive advantage and a better candidate experience.”

“BrightHire is a fantastic technology partner to uplevel the quality of your interviews by providing a platform to review the interviewing skills of your interviewers and recruiters. The result is less biased interview evaluations (by reviewing candidate answers with full context instead of relying on human memory), in-the-moment feedback for interviewers, and overall more fair hiring and better quality of hire.”