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TheoremOne is an engineering and innovation partner to the Global 1,000. The consulting firm helps clients solve technical challenges by hiring and building a team of best-in-class engineers.


Consulting firm TheoremOne partners with clients to build and launch technology-driven solutions. To help clients tackle their problems, TheoremOne begins by building a team of engineers equipped with the right skills and experience to find a solution. This effort is led by TheoremOne’s talent acquisition team.

Over the last year, the talent acquisition team’s monthly growth goal increased by 1,000%, from three to 33 new hires a month. While the team navigated the accelerated growth, TheoremOne’s HR department passed a mandate requiring all interviews to be recorded. Not only did this provide a way for the company to show clients that all interviews were conducted fairly and without bias or discrimination. It also opened up opportunities for the talent acquisition and hiring teams to refer back to the recordings when making hiring decisions.

However, key moments from the interviews were locked away inside the recordings, requiring everyone to watch the entire conversation. Additionally, permission levels prevented key decision makers from accessing the recordings, which caused
hiring delays.


TheoremOne needed a way to share key moments from interview recordings with hiring decision makers. As Christopher Clark, Head of Talent Acquisition, was searching to solve this problem, he found BrightHire was the solution.

Before BrightHire, hiring managers lacked confidence that candidates who had gone through the interview process were fully vetted. When the talent acquisition team would transition a candidate over to a hiring manager, the manager often decided to start the process over.

BrightHire eliminates the need for hiring managers to go back to square one with candidates. By watching interview moments and referencing transcriptions, hiring managers can save time, trust the process, and make hiring decisions more efficiently and based on real evidence.

Accessing interview recordings and transcripts has also simplified the hiring process for interviewers. Engineers play an important role in the hiring process at TheoremOne. They’re responsible for interviewing and vetting candidates. Before BrightHire, the engineers had to make hiring decisions based on their rough notes and memories.

Now, that’s no longer the case. With BrightHire, interviewers can make every hiring decision faster and with greater confidence. Federico Saravia, Head of Engineering, says, “[BrightHire] automatically creates a transcript of the conversation and allows me to have timestamped notes, so my notes have context. Having these notes makes hiring faster.”

Before it was challenging for the hiring managers, interviewers, and talent acquisition team to calibrate on hiring decisions. BrightHire helps the teams work together to make decisions quickly by watching key interview moments and deciding who to hire based on the candidates’ own words.

BrightHire’s library of interview recordings has even made interview training easier. The talent acquisition team uses BrightHire as the foundation of its training program to ramp up interviewers. New interviewers can watch real examples of key interview moments from BrightHire that demonstrate how to ask the right questions, respond to candidates, and sell the role.


Since partnering with BrightHire, TheoremOne has increased its engineering hires by 83%, growing from 116 to 212 employees in just one year.

“With BrightHire, our engineers can make hiring decisions faster by annotating directly on our interview recordings. Instead of watching a video without context, the engineers can revisit key interview moments and share their feedback in one place. This efficiency is a tremendous value for the team and helps them calibrate on hiring decisions as quickly as possible.”

Christopher Clark

Head of Talent Acquisition

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