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Interview data has been locked in a black box since the job interview was born in 1921. Fun fact: Thomas Edison is credited with “inventing” the modern job interview. Surely, since he was also the father of the light bulb, he wouldn’t be pleased to know how this information has been kept in the dark. Until now, there’s never been a way to look behind the curtain to see how your recruitment and hiring teams are performing. This lack of visibility can have a costly, colossal impact on your company’s ability to hire the right people. 

A Gartner study found that three-quarters of hiring managers are indecisive, resulting in lower-quality hires and longer time-to-fill rates. When you have the right data and can actually see what’s happening, you’re able to identify trends, gaps, or other areas of opportunity and address red flags across your hiring process. 

In this market, being able to shave a day or two off of the process can make a huge difference in landing the right candidates. Interested in reducing time to fill, cost, or screens per hire? What about all of the above? With the right data, you can make it happen!

BrightHire gives you the visibility you need to understand what’s really happening at each stage of your hiring process. By recording and transcribing interviews, we automatically provide the data that your team needs to keep the process moving in the right direction. The days of having to guess what’s in the black box are over. You can finally access data to help your teams make the best evidence-based hiring decisions while providing an excellent candidate experience.

It all starts with recording interviews, which brings you three key benefits:

3 ways recording interviews helps you win at hiring

Get the gift of data…and re-gift it

By recording interviews, you instantly get invaluable data that you can share, revisit, and analyze to understand exactly what’s happening at each stage of the interview process. This is a level of visibility that has never been available for the hiring space.

It‘s proven to be critical for recruitment teams from an alignment and collaboration perspective. Being able to watch and share interview highlights asynchronously has been a process game-changer for leading companies. More specifically, it has enabled organizations to scale without sacrificing quality.

Train asynchronously…say what?

Have you ever wanted to clone your best recruiter(s)? Never fear. You’ll no longer need to do so now that you have recorded interviews. 

Use real moments from your team’s recorded interviews to help train and onboard new recruiters and interviewers. With the BrightHire Interview Training Suite, you can create an on-demand, customized playlist that includes tracks like your company pitch, cultural values, and company growth plans. This playlist can be shared with new team members to watch and listen on their own time before jumping on the phone with candidates. 

This same type of playlist can be created for any area of the business with access given to all interview panelists. Imagine a custom engineering playlist, one for sales, etc…the list can go on and on and on. 

Curious about the BrightHire Interview Training suite? Get a sneak peek

Uncover hidden process issues

It can be difficult (more like impossible) to pinpoint hiring process issues and trends without true visibility. Once you have the data and the relevant context from your recorded interviews, it’s much easier to understand what to tackle and how to prioritize. Being able to see and hear what’s happening at each stage provides a different level of understanding. Equally, it provides a much faster path to process improvement and increased efficiency. 

Take it from Fintech leader Array, who uses BrightHire’s interview recording capabilities to transform their process. With BrightHire, Array has new ways of collecting and analyzing interview data to improve hiring. Now, the team can find opportunities for process improvements, identifying exactly what they can fix to restore efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, the team at Array noticed its pass-through rates weren’t on track with its goals. The team had a sense that engineering wasn’t extending enough offers relative to the number of people interviewed per month. With the help of BrightHire, Array was able to re-watch key interviews and parse interview data to bridge the gap and get to the source of the issue.

Recording interviews gives you fly-on-the-wall access

You can’t fix what you don’t know is an issue. The first step is having access to what’s happening. What you can do with the data after you have it is 🤯. 

Enter BrightHire and interview intelligence. Interview intelligence is a complete transformation of the hiring process. It unlocks valuable data from every interview conversation and brings that information to the center of important hiring decisions. The resulting experience is faster, more insightful, and less biased. 

Interview Intelligence makes it possible to retain, organize, and share interview data in a way that was never possible before. This new level of visibility helps you answer some of your team’s most important questions like:

  • Who is speaking more, the interviewer or candidate? 
  • Were important topics like “diversity, teamwork, or motivation” mentioned? 
  • How do participant demographics (for example, gender identity) affect the flow and balance of the interview?

BrightHire is changing the game for leading recruiting and hiring teams by empowering faster, better, and more equitable hiring decisions. Interested in getting rid of the black box? Schedule a demo with our team today!

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