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One of the biggest perks of recording your interviews? You can easily collaborate with your team on hiring decisions by capturing and sharing key interview moments. But asking your team to watch the entire conversation is not always necessary or helpful. Sometimes it’s better to share part of an interview. That’s where BrightHire Clips come in.

Clips help you share the interview moments that matter with your team. Whether you want to protect sensitive parts of the interview, like compensation details, share a specific section with a teammate to get feedback, or highlight a great moment for training, Clips are here for you. 

Here are four ways you can start making the most of Clips.

4 Ways Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Teams Hire Better With Clips

1. Get a second opinion

Recruiters, have you ever ended an interview and sent a summary of the candidate’s background to the hiring manager to gauge their interest? Now you can save time by sending the hiring manager a quick clip of the candidate speaking for themself.

2. Build (or grow) an interview training program

A recent LinkedIn poll from Hung Lee found that most people believe only 20% of employees at their company are great interviewers. That’s where interview training comes in.

With Clips, you can create a repository of real interview moments for your team to use for training and interviewer onboarding. Find great moments by searching your interview library.

3. Protect private information 

Sensitive information, such as compensation details, comes up in the hiring process all the time. This information may not be suitable for all participants in the process to see, but you still might want to share other moments from these interviews with your team.

You can easily clip the parts of the conversation you want to share while protecting the moments that should be kept private.

4. Provide specific examples

A great post-interview scorecard cites specific examples. Before BrightHire, providing feedback took time and relied on fuzzy memories. Now, you can create Clips of interviews to underscore your feedback with high-quality examples.

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