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At BrightHire, we don’t just make interviews easier, more effective, and more equitable – we also study the data from thousands of interviews to identify insights and trends in those conversations. Sometimes that data yields statistics that even we are surprised by. Did you know…

28% of candidates pick their nose or clean their ear at least once during an interview

Video calls create a unique modern dilemma: you sometimes feel like you’re in the privacy of your own home, while also being visible to everyone you’re speaking with. Consider this a reminder to keep a box of tissues by your desk.

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21% of unlucky interviewees spill a drink on themselves during their interviews

We’re still digging through our data to determine how much of that liquid ends up on keyboards versus on clothing. It turns out even video interviews can’t always solve sweaty palms.

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38% of interviewers have accidentally said “love you” when hanging up an interview call

We’ll chalk this one up to sheer force of habit. Even more surprising: we also found that a handful of candidates have said it back.

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The most frequently uttered phrase in interview calls is “Can you hear me now?” This is closely followed by the second-most frequently uttered phrase, “You’re muted.”

Someone is always accidentally muted. It’s just the rule.

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23% of video interviews have a cat walking across the keyboard

Thankfully, no one has to worry about allergies on Google Meet. Just don’t let their paws type in the chat box.

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36% of interviews include a dog barking in the background at some point

Of those interviews, 41% of the interviewers attempt to identify the dog’s breed after it barks.

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55% of candidates have accidentally stood up in their “Zoom pants” during an interview

Luckily, only 14% of the interviewers in those conversations have mentioned it. It might be a good idea to keep your shirt or blouse tucked in, even if you’re wearing sweatpants, just in case you have to reach for something above your desk.

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Have any of these happened to you? Perhaps – but thankfully, we don’t actually know about it, because this is only an April Fool’s prank.

Even so, we can still tell you plenty about how your organization can improve your interview process using data and insights. Our analytics uncover data to help you assess interview quality, understand key topics as they surface, coach interviewers and recruiters, and regularly improve your interview process.

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BrightHire is the leading Interview Intelligence platform, transforming the quality of hiring by helping teams run better interviews and hire faster with less bias. Our platform is integrated with Zoom and Google Meet to automatically record and transcribe interviews, and then create a set of highlights that can be revisited and shared. This streamlines the interview process, improves the candidate experience, and gives teams better information to make the best possible hiring decisions (and train new recruiters!).

Check out BrightHire and schedule a demo today to learn more about how your team can hire better. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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