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In today’s fight for top talent, there’s one thing it’s important to get right: interviews. For years, interviews have been inconsistent, inefficient, and haven’t prioritized candidates. When the widespread shift to virtual work happened in 2020, it became clear it was time to rethink how we work, which begins with how we hire. This shift elevated the importance of structuring interviews and equipping interviewers. All of a sudden, the hottest topic in recruiting became interview training.

There’s more to running a good interview than just asking the right questions and picking up on candidate signals. Interviews are an opportunity to build your reputation, highlight your company culture, and showcase your employer brand. Doing all of these things well is critical. 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase.

That’s where interview training comes in. It aligns interviewers, helps them tell a consistent story about your company, and defines what good looks like. Think about it like this – interview training is an easy way to get everyone singing off the same song sheet. 

Why is Interview Training Important?

Your interviews (and interviewers) speak volumes about your organization. A bad recruiting experience makes it more likely for candidates to turn down your offer, and studies have found that 56% of job seekers with a poor experience would discourage others from applying. To put it bluntly: interviewers who lack the training and resources to sell your company to candidates can cause you to miss out on top talent. 

According to Lizzy Poleski, Senior Manager, People Ops at Recharge, one of the most effective ways to train interviewers is by sharing real-life examples. Until now, there’s never been an easy way to use real moments from your interviews. But BrightHire’s new Interview Training Suite is here to change that. The platform makes it incredibly easy to train interviewers and recruiters by using key moments from your company’s very own interviews. 

7 Ways BrightHire Transforms Interview Training 

Have a stale interview training program you want to bring into the twenty-first century? Starting from scratch? Whatever your situation may be, we can help you create a custom, scalable interview training program that’s always on and available on-demand. 

Here are 7 key ways BrightHire can help you transform interview training:

1. Build an effective team of interviewers. 

Ever wish you could clone your best interviewers? Make that dream a reality by watching interview recordings via BrightHire and giving interviewers valuable feedback that helps improve their questions, pitches, and hiring decisions. 

2. Help interviewers recognize great answers. 

Deciphering between a bad, fine, and good answer is tricky. With the BrightHire Interview Training Suite, you can help interviewers practice spotting good answers by creating a playlist of interview examples that demonstrate what to listen for in conversations. 

3. Encourage diversity. 

Amazing candidates often have a wide range of transferable skills, competencies, and experiences. Help interviewers recognize potential by showing them BrightHire recordings of previous candidates from a broad spectrum of backgrounds who turned out to be great hires. Getting this right in training is the key to expanding your talent pool and improving passthrough rates for underrepresented candidates. 

4. Help interviewers gain self-awareness. 

Change begins with awareness, and this applies to your interviewers, too. Empower interviewers with critical feedback after interviews, like how much time they spoke versus the candidate, to improve and grow their interviewing skills. After every interview, BrightHire shares key metrics with interviewers that can spark change and improve hiring decisions.

5. Help interviewers answer any question with confidence. 

There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard by a candidate’s question without a good response. Questions like, “How is the economic downturn impacting your company financially? “When do you plan to IPO?” can trip up even the most seasoned interviewer. Equip interviewers with excellent responses to these questions by taking snippets of timely interview questions and sharing response guidance with interviewers.

6. Empower your team to develop future leaders. 

Hiring is a manager’s most important job. Help managers excel at hiring by giving them access to the resources they need to interview effectively.

7. Make learning a continuous process. 

One-off training tends to be forgotten when it’s not immediately put into practice. Engage interviewers beyond a single training or shadowing session to help them continue strengthening their interviewing skills. By offering regular opportunities to expand their knowledge, you can build a team of confident, effective interviewers. 

Level up your interview training today.

Looking for interview training help? You’re in the right place. (Interview training is kind of our thing.) Schedule time to chat with our team to see how we can help you build an effective interview training program.

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