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New York, NY — December 22, 2021 – BrightHire, the leading interview intelligence platform for high-growth companies, announced today its successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification, which ensures compliance with industry-leading standards for managing enterprise data.

SOC 2 certification is a widely recognized auditing standard, and is conducted by independent auditors who validate an organization’s systems and controls that secure its customer data. To comply with SOC 2, BrightHire demonstrated that it has rigorous security policies and procedures in place in accordance with AICPA standards. SOC 2 verifies the availability, security, and integrity of an organization’s unique data processing systems, and ultimately determines whether effective safeguards and controls are in place.

Earning the SOC 2 Type II certification confirms BrightHire’s commitment to ensuring data security for its clients and candidates and protecting system resources against unauthorized access. 

“Our first job is to be trustworthy partners to our clients and candidates. We understand that and have always emphasized data security at BrightHire,” says Ben Sesser, Co-founder and CEO. “We have had the processes in place to give our clients and their candidates peace of mind from day one. Our SOC 2 certification formalizes that and reemphasizes our commitment to a quality information security posture.” 

The SOC 2 certification complements other security, privacy, and access control features that equip BrightHire to best serve their client base of high-growth companies. For example, role-based access controls give customers the flexibility to ensure internal employees have the appropriate level of access to candidate information and recorded interviews. The permissions are designed to match those found in the client’s Applicant Tracking System.

About BrightHire

BrightHire is an interview intelligence platform used by the world’s fastest growing teams to capture interviews and run a fast, effective, and equitable hiring process based on substance, not subjectivity. Built seamlessly on top of Zoom and with deep ATS integrations, BrightHire unlocks new levels of collaboration to accelerate time-to-hire, reduce hiring mistakes, improve close rates, and foster more equitable hiring. BrightHIre is advised by Laszlo Bock, Google’s former SVP of People Operations, and renowned organizational psychologist Adam Grant, who has called BrightHire “the most compelling technology I’ve ever seen for making better hiring decisions”, and is backed by the investors behind transformative collaboration tools like Slack, Dropbox and Figma. Learn more at

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