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Creating a stand-out culture isn’t an easy feat, especially when building a company during a pandemic. But that’s exactly what our co-founders, Ben Sesser and Teddy Chestnut, set out to do when founding BrightHire in 2019. And their dedication is paying off: today, Inc. magazine recognizes BrightHire as a Best Workplace for 2022

Each year, Inc. magazine highlights U.S. companies leading the way in creating exceptional workplaces and company culture, whether in-office or virtually. We’re proud to make 2022’s list alongside our phenomenal clients like Salesloft and Alloy and our partner, Greenhouse Software. 

What sets BrightHire apart as a Best Workplace?

To determine who makes the Best Workplaces list, Inc. partners with Quantum Workforce to survey employees at potential companies to learn about the culture, professional development and learning opportunities, work environment, and more. 

BrightHire’s employee survey uncovered three key trends:

  • Highly Engaged Employees: 96% of BrightHire employees are engaged and have a favorable opinion of the company.
  • Tremendous Growth Opportunities: 100% agree they see professional growth and career development opportunities for themselves at BrightHire.
  • Well Connected Teams Across Departments: Collaborative was the number one word employees chose to describe BrightHire’s work environment.

Not only did employees give BrightHire stellar reviews, they also shared insight into what differentiates the company:

“BrightHire has dedicated core leadership with a high degree of integrity, a talented and motivated team that’s firing on all cylinders, a humane and supportive work culture, and important and challenging problems to solve. It’s a wonderful balance.” 

“BrightHire is an amazing company with a great group of people that are the foundation to our culture. Our team has a shared passion for helping our customers execute better, faster, and less biased interviews.”

“With COVID, everyone is stressed and going through new struggles. BrightHire goes out of their way to support the team. Whether it’s holding frequent get-togethers to just hang out with the team, making sure our benefits fit our needs, or making sure people get the time off they need, BrightHire has really been there to help.”

What makes BrightHire a great place to work? Our passion.

There are so many things that make BrightHire a great place to work – from our top-tier benefits to our dedication to leading the way in interview intelligence. But the common thread that unifies our teams and ignites our culture is our shared passion for giving everyone the hiring experience they deserve. 

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