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Close the gap between what happened in an interview and what you remember with the new Interview Assistant

Exciting news, interviewers! Stop scrambling to take thorough notes. Avoid forgetting important interview details minutes after the conversation is over. Ditch your post-interview hunt for scorecards. Instant relief is here! We’re excited to introduce you to your very own guide to interviews that brings structure, captures important feedback and context, and helps you every step of the hiring process. Introducing BrightHire’s Interview Assistant! 

The Interview Assistant solves the trickiest parts of interviewing: knowing what questions to ask, capturing great notes so you don’t lose important context, and providing quality feedback in your ATS scorecard with one-click scorecard completion. Without the Interview Assistant, trying to remember an interview 30 minutes, an hour, or even days later is a nearly impossible task. Research shows that memory recall declines to 44% just one hour after an event. 

With the Interview Assistant, you gain the tools you need to walk into any interview with confidence and capture the conversation thoroughly and accurately. Not only does this lead to better hiring decisions. It also impacts the candidate experience: 83% of candidates say an unimpressive interview can change their mind about a job and an employer. 

What’s the BrightHire Interview Assistant?

BrightHire’s Interview Assistant makes interviewing and providing feedback easier than ever before. Now you can:

  • Surface questions in the moment for consistent assessment
  • Tie interview notes to real context, so interviewers can actually focus on assessing candidates instead of taking notes
  • Automatically add feedback to your ATS scorecard with one click

The Interview Assistant closes the gap between what an interviewer is able to remember and what actually happened in the interview. Plus, it equips interviewers with complete context that they can easily share with hiring managers.

The Interview Assistant brings hiring teams and recruiters three key benefits:

Ditch distractions and hyper-focus on the candidate.

The Interview Assistant guides interviewers through the questions they should cover, helping them structure conversations and discuss every important topic. This means interviewers never have to wing another interview again. Now, they know exactly what to cover during conversations. 

The Interview Assistant makes it easy to capture time-stamped notes alongside the candidate’s own words, providing important context, highlighting key moments, and maximizing signal from interviews. Interviewers no longer have to focus on taking detailed notes. The interface minimizes distractions, allows interviewers to hyper-focus on the candidate, and drastically improves how interviewers pass information to hiring managers post-interview.

Never hunt for feedback with one-click scorecard completion. 

Before, interviewers had to invest time into a lengthy post-interview process. They had to go back through their notes, re-organize them to align with their scorecard, and add each piece of feedback to their ATS. 

The Interview Assistant eliminates those steps, taking the pain out of leaving feedback post-interview. Its interface mirrors your existing scorecard, so interviewers can easily take notes during the conversation without re-organizing them later. The best part? Interviewers can automatically add notes to their ATS scorecards, transferring everything over with just one click.

Provide higher-quality feedback. 

Giving high-quality feedback is much easier when interviewers can focus on the candidate and pick up on their signals. With the Interview Assistant, interviewers can mark key moments and conversation highlights with time-stamped notes and reactions, resulting in richer feedback and easier calibration post-interview.

See the new Interview Assistant in action.

Using the new Interview Assistant is simple. Just start your interview in BrightHire, open the Interview Assistant, and it will be there, ready to guide you through the interview. 

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