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We hear it all the time: “You’re only as successful as the people you hire.” And yet, hiring decisions are still based on gut feelings, fuzzy memories, games of telephone, and scattered notes. We started BrightHire to transform the quality of hiring because we believe that every company should have the tools they need to make confident and fast hiring decisions, and every candidate deserves a fair and objective hiring experience. 

For the past year, we’ve been making Interview Intelligence a reality. Customers like InVision, Salesloft, Mural, and Angi are using BrightHire to transform their hiring processes. As we’ve watched interview volumes grow by north of 35% every month, it’s clear that more and more hiring teams are discovering how essential it is to evaluate candidates in their own words. And as we’ve seen the impact of our work on our clients – hiring speeds slashed by upwards of 10% in only a few months, and recruiter ramp time decreasing by as much as 75% – it’s clear that we can create a fundamental impact on how hiring works.

From day one we’ve shared a sense of conviction that we can help transform how people hire. Today, only a few months following our Series A, we’re excited to announce a $20.5 million Series B that will accelerate our roadmap, fund our continued growth (we’re hiring!), cement us as the leader in our category, and most importantly equip us to make a lasting impact on hiring – which is the reason we started this journey. This round was led by 01 Advisors with participation from Index Ventures and Zoom Apps Fund.

This funding affirms that we’re on track to make a difference. Put in the words of our advisor Adam Grant, “There’s no decision more consequential for culture and performance than hiring. Companies that hire faster, smarter, and fairer gain a competitive advantage, and BrightHire has built the interviewing and hiring platform that leaders and managers desperately need to make that happen.”

The problem we’re solving touches every business and person, directly or indirectly. How do we help companies better run their most important process, how they build their team? How do we help people make the best possible hiring decisions?  How do we equip people to reduce unconscious biases so the best talent can rise? How do we give candidates a faster, more thoughtful interview experience worthy of the importance it represents for them? 

This is the challenge that motivates us every day. We’re so grateful for the opportunity this recent fundraise will afford us to tackle that challenge, and we’re thankful to our team, clients, candidates, investors, and community.

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