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Recruiters and talent acquisition teams, we’ve got some fantastic news! You can finally build an outstanding team of interviewers with the new BrightHire Interview Training Suite. Now, it’s easier than ever to empower interviewers and achieve hiring excellence by highlighting real, useful examples of what great sounds like. The training suite is always on and available on-demand, so interviewers and recruiters can learn critical skills anytime, anywhere. Even better: the Interview Training Suite is incredibly easy to design, launch, manage and track. 

Want to learn more about why we’re so excited for this new release? Read on to uncover everything you need to know about the Interview Training Suite.

Think back to the last time you needed to hire a software engineer. After opening the role, you must scrounge four interviewers who can identify outstanding talent and provide a quality candidate experience. Oh, and each engineer wants to interview for 2 hours a week max. You rack your brain, wondering, “Where can I find more qualified interviewers? Have they gone through any interview training?” Truly a sweat-inducing recruiting dilemma that’s as old as time. 

Finding the right interviewers means that you need to train more people. But the problem is, even for organizations that prioritize interview training, the band-aid fix is often manual, time-consuming, and ineffective. But that’s all about to change. Our new Interview Training Suite provides a better, faster way to build a world-class team of interviewers. 

Just how much does interview training matter? The numbers don’t lie. Nearly three in four employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position. With interview training, you don’t just avoid mis-hires. You can equip interviewers with the resources and tools to hire the very best talent.

The Old Approach to Interview Training

Hiring is the most significant investment an organization can make. But let’s face it, most interviewers are not experts, and today’s interview training approaches don’t really help. Training is often focused on risk mitigation and bias reduction. These are both important topics, but at its core, the purpose of interviewing is to select great colleagues for your company. 

Today’s training falls short in helping interviewers understand what good answers sound like. Simply put, they fail to teach interviewers how to evaluate candidates and make great hiring decisions. Not to mention, they’re almost impossible to scale, and they slow down your process of creating great interviewers. 

The New Interview Training Suite from BrightHire

Say farewell to generic and unrealistic training. Forget managing complicated and time-intensive shadowing and reverse shadowing. BrightHire’s Interview Training Suite makes it incredibly easy to train interviewers and recruiters. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Quickly compile real moments from your company’s interviews into video playlists that can teach interviewers and recruiters important skills. Today, BrightHire customers are teaching their interviewers how to pitch their company, understand great candidate answers for technical questions, answer common candidate questions, and much more. Clips on your playlist can be as long or as short as you want, and it’s easy to use BrightHire’s deep search capabilities to find the best moments to include in your training program. 
  • Create assessments to evaluate training performance right inside your interview training program. This way, you can gauge comprehension, see if your trainees are actually learning, and understand who is invested in improving their interviewing capabilities. 
  • Add trainees to your program and track completion with just a few clicks. Each trainee gets an email notification with access to the training, and you’ll receive regular progress reports to make managing attendance easier than ever.  
  • Make updates any time to bring interview training to life and help your interviewers stay agile as company policies change. Plus, you’ll always be able to easily add new employees to the freshest version of your interview training program. 
  • Coach interviewers along the way for continuous improvement. BrightHire automatically provides interviewers with real-time data and insights on their interview performance. Plus, our 1-on-1 coaching functionality allows you to provide personalized feedback with real context.

What Sets the BrightHire Interview Training Suite Apart From Other Training Programs?

The BrightHire Interview Training Suite helps you create dynamic training programs that are easy to build, update, and scale, so it always meets your organization’s needs. The suite brings talent acquisition teams and recruiters six game-changing benefits:

1. Highlight real, valuable interview examples

Replace outdated, surface-level interview training presentations with on-demand training that shares actual examples of great interviews.  

2. More efficient training, built in minutes

Stop spending days, weeks, or months creating an effective training program and avoid hours of old-fashioned training that doesn’t stick. With BrightHire, you can quickly create and scale a program that drives real results.

3. Create a consistent interview experience

Bring more structure to your hiring process and align interviewers by highlighting the best responses to even the most challenging questions or objections.

4. Strengthen your employer brand

Showcase your company, values, and culture by helping interviewers understand how to pitch your company and sell the role. 

5. Reduce unconscious biases

Equip interviewers with tools and techniques to recognize great candidates without bias.

6. Prioritize the candidate experience

Build a candidate-first hiring process that removes awkward shadowing from interviews and ensures every interviewer treats candidates fairly and respectfully. 

Bottom line: BrightHire’s new Interview Training Suite helps you train interviewers effectively and efficiently, so you can achieve hiring excellence.

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