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Every hiring outcome is influenced by a series of conversations.

Unfortunately, our hiring conversations haven’t changed in 50 years. They’re still unstructured, produce scant concrete evidence, and evaporate into thin air the moment they end.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. You can’t improve what you can’t see. And our hiring conversations have been, and still are, essentially a black box.

While we obsess over optimizing funnel ratios and conversion rates, we operate with almost zero insight into the actual candidate interactions that drive those outcomes.

What’s more, in those interactions we expect our hiring teams to perform impossible mental feats. Remember the right questions to ask, deftly steer the conversation, recognize and set aside implicit biases, be a convincing salesperson – all while taking copious notes. 

And do this consistently, across the entire organization, every single time.

And then, 1 or 5 or 15 days later, recall the critical details about every candidate to make a sound judgment on an incredibly important decision.

If we’re really committed to building talented, diverse teams, we can’t keep doing things this way – the old way.

If we want to predictably make better hires, deliver a better candidate experience, counter bias with evidence, and improve our teams’ speed and alignment, we’re going to have to bring a new level of rigor, consistency, and excellence into every hiring conversation.

This is a people problem. We can’t automate our way out of it. 

But technology can help fix it.

This is why we founded BrightHire: to build the first platform designed to advance the human side of recruiting.

Our technology gives recruiters and interviewers new superpowers in every hiring conversation: real-time access to the right questions, freedom from their notepad so they can focus on their candidates, and concrete evidence to make sound, unbiased decisions.

Our new and unique data asset affords people leaders unprecedented visibility into the heart of their operation, enabling them to spot and scale best practices, uncover the root cause of bottlenecks, understand their candidate pool, and predict what actually drives better hiring outcomes. 

And perhaps most importantly, we’re helping to ensure every candidate has the interview experience they deserve: structured, engaging, efficient; with outcomes based on more concrete evidence, and less unconscious bias.

For the first time in a generation, there is a new way to hire. Welcome to BrightHire.

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