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BrightHire was a sponsor of Greenhouse Open, and we have our very own head of recruiting, Hayli Thornhill, provide her thoughts on an amazing session.

Two days in NYC at Greenhouse Open didn’t disappoint and while it’s still top of mind, I’m excited to share a few of my takeaways from the conference. First – I forgot how nice it is to see humans & connect in person! The vibes at the conference were great. Recruiters are people people, so being able to reconnect and interact with each other was clearly appreciated. 

We had a great time sponsoring the conference & interacting with everyone who visited BrightHire’s booth! Generally speaking, it sounded like most teams still have some lofty hiring goals for the remainder of the year, and despite many concerns around the greater recruiter community, things are not slowing down too much. Let’s GO!!! 

I wanted to quickly jot down my thoughts and feelings about everything that happened.

😍 Best part:

leaders in talent space and BrightHire at Il Buco eating dinner

We had an amazing dinner with leaders in the talent space at Il Buco – It was a beautiful space! The wine was flowing and so were the great conversations.

🏆 Best session:

Teddy Chestnut & Hannah Spellmeyer presenting at Greenhouse Open 2022 during sesssion Recruiter Enablement: How to upskill & retain recruiters

That’s easy…..Recruiter Enablement: How to upskill & retain recruiters with Teddy Chestnut & Hannah Spellmeyer. I just may be a bit biased about this cause Teddy is a co-founder of BrightHire, but…

Hannah is one of our favorite clients and it was amazing for people to hear about the impact that BrightHire has had as she’s built her team. 

We also announced the launch of our new Interview Training product. It’s the first product on the market that creates interview training programs that are:

  • Always on and on-demand.
  • Draw on real, useful examples to help interviewers identify great answers and deliver an amazing candidate experience.
  • Incredibly easy to design, launch, manage and track.

The room was pretty darn full & engaged for the entire session! Hands were still going up after our scheduled end time and there was a buzz following the session that afternoon about interview training. 
People also absolutely LOVED the interview training guides that we created with a bunch of our clients at Tekion and Unstoppable Domains, as well as Hung Lee! 📘Grab your copy here.

🗣 Overheard:

  • LOTs of interest in interview training & how to build something scalable
  • Offer declines are still an issue in a competitive market
  • Top of funnel sourcing is still challenging
  • Quality of hire concerns and retention are top of mind for recruiting teams
  • Tech hiring still tough overall
  • Calibration related to engineering leveling is difficult for even the best talent teams
  • Debriefs are still really important, but super time consuming

🎉 Just for fun:

  • There was a patio party with drums & bubbles….actual bubbles 🫧
  • The Preview of the new Greenhouse UI was cool  💻
  • There were Great snacks 🍿
  • So much solid swag! I’m glad I brought a big bag 🛍
  • Our BrightHire socks were 🔥…literally zero left up for grabs!
group of employees from BrightHire standing in front of BrightHire booth at Greenhouse Open 2022.

I can’t wait for the next conference that I am able to attend!!👋🏻 In the meantime, join BrightHire’s Shine Slack community to meet and learn from recruiters and talent leaders at other amazing companies. 

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