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Hiring teams spend 60+ hours on interviews for every hire. Multiply that by each new role, and you’re looking at hundreds of hours spent on hiring across your recruiting team, hiring managers, and interviewers.

But that’s all about to change. 

We’re excited to announce our integration between Rippling Recruiting + BrightHire to make hiring wildly efficient for Rippling customers. 

The integration brings the power of BrightHire to Rippling users to help them save time, make better hiring decisions faster, and deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

With the BrightHire + Rippling Recruiting integration, hiring teams can save time and streamline their interview process:

  • Save time with AI-powered notes. Get daily, everyday time savings with automatically generated AI-powered notes after every interview that speed up the feedback process.
  • Align your hiring team with candidate highlights. Easily share candidate highlights, so hiring teams can stay in sync and focus their time on the right candidates.
  • Turn a “no” into a “yes.” Help hiring managers quickly understand the context around interview feedback, so they have more confidence to say “yes.”
  • Eliminate scheduling bottlenecks. Remove the need to always work around interviewers’ schedules by reviewing candidate highlights.

How does the BrightHire + Rippling Recruiting integration work?

BrightHire seamlessly integrates with Rippling Recruiting, so hiring teams can add BrightHire links to all their interviews with just one click—without disrupting their existing workflow.

To get started, visit the Rippling app shop and easily install BrightHire in one click.

From there, we handle recording, transcribing, and writing AI-powered interview notes from phone and video interviews, so you can completely focus on the candidate. BrightHire even shows you what interview questions to ask, so interviewers can always stay on track.

After each interview, we automatically convert the conversation into AI-powered notes to help interviewers save time and provide feedback faster and AI-powered highlights that are shareable and comparable for better hiring decisions. 

And with our actionable interview insights and automated coaching, hiring teams can continuously level up their skills and improve their interviews.

Boost your hiring efficiency with the power of BrightHire + Rippling

Bring efficiency to your hiring process and give your hiring teams the gift of more time with the power of BrightHire and Rippling. Request a demo to see how BrightHire can help you unlock faster, better hiring.

Already a BrightHire user? Get started by installing the BrightHire + Rippling Recruiting integration.

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