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Conversations are at the heart of every hiring outcome. Interviews are where we collect information on core competencies, evaluate a candidate’s fit for a role, and give them a candidate experience that determines whether they’re likely to accept an offer. For most teams today, these conversations are a black box. Best case, interviews are summarized with a few sentences in scorecards, leaving hiring managers with minimal insight when making their most critical decisions. 

Since launching BrightHire, we’ve been working on changing that by bringing visibility into the hiring process. BrightHire has captured hundreds of thousands of interviews to shine a light into the black box and transform the quality of hiring for our customers. We’ve witnessed the transformation firsthand – when teams have better information, they make better hiring decisions. 

Today we’re excited to launch our new Insights Suite, designed to provide deep visibility into the interview process and the factors that materially impact quality of hire.

How BrightHire Insights helps you improve quality of hiring.

BrightHire Insights provides leaders with real, actionable data about their interview process, so they can improve the way their teams attract and select high-quality talent and detect trends that may be impacting their performance. 

What does high-quality hiring mean to us at BrightHire? We’ve boiled it down to three fundamentals:

  1. Identifying great talent. In order to hire top candidates, you first need to know how to identify them. 
  2. Providing an exceptional candidate experience that attracts top talent.
  3. Operationalizing good talent acquisition practices through scaling structured, consistent, evidence-based hiring practices that reduce bias and promote equity.

How do BrightHire Insights work?

With Insights, we’ve made data and fine-grained filters accessible, so you can make meaningful headway in each of the three high-quality hiring fundamentals.

Here are a collection of five insights that we’re already seeing transform the quality of hiring for our customers:

  • Monitor interview consistency to surface meaningful variations in how interviewers are running the same interview.
  • Track interviewer load and capacity to avoid interviewer fatigue.
  • Spot opportunities for interviewer coaching, like giving candidates appropriate time to talk and encouraging healthy interaction.
  • Encourage fair interviews by evaluating if the way they’re conducted varies significantly by gender.
  • Ensure a great candidate experience by tracking on-time starts, key topics, and questions asked in interviews. 

Get a first look at BrightHire Insights.

Check out Insights and see what’s new! Simply log into BrightHire and click the “Insights” tab in the top navigation bar. From there, you can see and filter all of your interviewer and conversation insights – all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

We’re just getting started. We’ll be adding new metrics to the Insights tab regularly. 

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