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Interviews are at the heart of the hiring process, and the information we capture and retain during each interview determines every hiring decision. 

If you’ve ever been an interviewer, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the pressure to take great notes while attempting to focus on the candidate, and the time-consuming task of interpreting those notes and leaving scorecard feedback. Doing it with an unbiased lens makes it all the more difficult. Recruiters have spent what seems like years of their lives chasing after feedback to ensure that decisions can be made quickly and hiring managers have the context they need to hire the best talent. 

But that’s all about to change. Today, we’re excited to announce the the launch of BrightHire AI Interview Notes. AI Interview Notes bring the power of AI to your interview process to give you exceptional interview notes instantly. Now, hiring teams can generate high-quality automated notes and complete a scorecard with a click, so you’re not chasing down feedback anymore. 

The result? Candidate experience soars, interviewers and hiring teams are wildly more productive, and hiring decisions are made quickly and confidently based on real evidence.

How do BrightHire AI Interview Notes work?

Since we founded BrightHire, we’ve worked to ensure that hiring teams have a complete picture of interview conversations. We’ve revolutionized how interviewers take notes, transcribed hundreds of thousands of conversations, and made it easy to revisit and share key moments. The rise of AI in every aspect of our work and lives has the potential to change the way we surface, summarize, and consume information, and interviews are no exception. 

If you’re a BrightHire customer today, you can hop into your account and experience the magic. With AI Interview Notes, you can:

  • Instantly generate summarized, concise, bulleted notes for any interview
  • Quickly identify cornerstone interview questions and topics and easily skim the content and structure of an interview
  • Revisit key sections in the interview with time-stamped quick links, so you can quickly watch important parts of the conversation
  • Easily transfer notes to your scorecard with a single click

How will AI Interview Notes elevate my hiring process?

Capturing succinct, helpful feedback from interviews is just the start. Here’s where AI Interview Notes really shine:

Elevated candidate experience

Give candidates your complete attention instead of focusing on your notes.

Faster, more efficient feedback cycles

Never stress about getting scorecard feedback again with comprehensive notes and seamless ATS integrations.

More informed hiring teams

Every hiring manager has all the information, so they’re no longer relying on biased, fuzzy memories or choppy notes.

This is only the beginning. As we gather feedback, we’ll be regularly improving AI Interview Notes and adding more exciting functionality. 

Go ahead, check it out.

You can navigate to any interview and view AI Interview Notes in your right-hand notes panel, right next to any of your own notes and clips.

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