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We’re on a mission to help companies hire faster and fairer by up-leveling their interviews. 

That’s why we are so excited to launch our new feature, Clips, to help teams collaborate faster in hiring and improve the way they interview! With Clips, you can share specific segments of an interview to highlight the moments that matter and protect any information that you’d prefer to keep private. 

BrightHire’s Clips make sharing interview moments seamless

Three ways Clips can change the way you hire

1. Faster collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers

With Clips, recruiters can share specific parts of an interview with a hiring manager to calibrate quickly and determine whether a candidate fits the role. Clips help hiring managers receive the right context and prep before they speak with a candidate by landing on the precise interview moment they need as quickly as possible. 

2. Interview training with context from real interviews

Clips are invaluable for interviewer training. You can easily stitch them together to create a customized interview training program that allows interviewers to view great interview moments on-demand and improve their skill sets. With new training opportunities, you’ll ensure you have knowledgeable interviewers, improve your company’s ability to get the most signal possible from your interviews and provide a top-notch candidate experience. 

3. Share select moments, and keep other information private

Clips help you put candidates first by protecting sensitive information (such as discussions of compensation) while still sharing great moments that let the candidate speak for themselves. If you don’t want to share certain information with everyone, you can select a specific Clip to share and keep the rest of the interview private. 

Excited about Clips? Request a demo to see it in action and learn how BrightHire can help you hire faster and fairer. 

Already a BrightHire user? Reach out to your CSM to learn more about how to start using Clips. 

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