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How can you ensure the quality of your hiring process when you don’t have visibility into how interviews are run?

It’s a problem every talent acquisition leader faces. But Jim D’Amico, Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Celanese, came up with a creative solution: a “secret shopper” program to send candidates through the hiring process and report back on their experience.

“We were very concerned as to what the experiences for candidates were, because we didn’t have day-to-day visibility of it. We only heard what our recruiting team told us,” says D’Amico. “What was being communicated to them? [Were they] in fact doing a diagnostic interview of the candidate?”

D’Amico’s program yielded some surprising results. For instance: most of the team members didn’t even mention the benefits of working at the company.

Discovering information like this led D’Amico to make targeted changes to his company’s interview training programs and policies – including how recruiters and interviewers were coached to sell the company’s generous benefits package. 

Whereas D’Amico’s creative solution illuminated areas where his team could deliver a more compelling pitch to candidates, Carly Jones, Global Talent Acquisition Leader for Salesloft, found comparative data from interviews could help her ensure candidates were being asked the right questions. 

Reviewing interview data “gives us the opportunity to calibrate after the fact if we do have misalignment. If hiring managers or recruiters can’t get on the same page, it gives us the opportunity to identify some areas that maybe we missed,” says Jones.

Getting insight into interviews also enables teams to run a more fair, unbiased hiring process – for example, ensuring interviewers are delivering a consistent experience to all candidates, regardless of differences in background or demographics.

 “[Visibility in interviews] gives me the opportunity to ensure that my recruiters and my hiring managers are running a really well structured and legal interview, free from bias, and just overall fair,” says Jones.

And with the ability to clearly see and assess how interviews are run, TA leaders can help drive their teams to produce better hiring outcomes.

“We want to interview for the same competencies and skills that we’re going to measure from a performance standpoint., says D’Amico. “Were our analyses of the interviews accurate to actual performance? If not, then we’ve got to change stuff.”

D’Amico and Jones are just two examples of a next generation of TA leaders who recognize that the only way to ensure a quality, efficient, inclusive hiring process is to drive excellence into hiring conversations – at scale. 

“[Visibility into interviews] allows for more consistent feedback and communication and an overall general feeling of being in sync,” says Jones. “It ultimately empowers recruiters and hiring managers to meet their shared end goal in a faster fashion.”


BrightHire works with forward-thinking TA leaders to bring structure, rigor, and fairness into the human side of their hiring process — so they can build talented, diverse teams, and deliver an exceptional experience to every candidate. You can learn more about how BrightHire is transforming the human side of hiring here or check out our coverage in Quartz and Inc. Magazine.

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