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The Debrief is a series of conversations with founders, executives, talent thought leaders on how they build talented and diverse teams, hosted by our own Teddy Chestnut. 

This week, Rosanna Durruthy, VP of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn, joined The Debrief. She shared her expertise on building and maintaining diverse and inclusive workplaces. Some thought-provoking highlights from the conversation are below. 

On Being an Inclusive Leader (5:17): Becoming an inclusive leader is a transformation that happens within yourself.  Diversity is not something you do to someone else.

Demystify the Job (21:26): To build a talented pipeline of non-traditional candidates, explain the work product. Show candidates how your team operates.   

Good Coaching (29:05): Leaders have to create spaces that help modify default pattern recognition. To work in diversity is to be a change leader. 

Openness in Evaluation (31:44) – Rubrics can give clarity. But is that clarity designed to allow new air in or maintain an enclosed environment? 

Hire Potential (25:54): Hire people who have greater potential than just the role they will fulfill.

Structuring Diverse Recruiting (42:50): The goal of HR is to treat everyone the same. The goal of diversity is to meet people where they are. To excel, HR needs to learn diversity and consistently practice inclusion.

Rosanna’s favorite interview question: What is the gnarliest relationship you’ve had at work? How did you work it out? 

Watch the full conversation below. Missed the last session of The Debrief? Catch up here


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