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BrightHire has accompanied an ever-increasing number of interviews, and each one contains valuable data that can help teams make better hiring decisions. With so many companies facing a host of challenges as they attempt to scale, we’re pulling back the curtain on hiring and diving into four insights that our platform brought to light. These data points can be helpful as you shape your team’s hiring strategy to be more impactful.

1. Candidates who have their interview recordings reviewed in BrightHire are 2.4x more likely to be hired

Recorded interviews make a huge impact in a hiring team’s ability to align around the best candidate for each role. Teams can discuss key moments, or even recommend previous candidates for other newly opened roles. Being able to share interview clips provides a natural way to amplify the excitement around specific candidates, which can encourage everyone involved to move a little faster.

BrightHire also helps reassure hiring managers who might be on the fence about a candidate. Rather than drawing from that uncertainty to justify a rejection, managers can revisit the interview to resolve any concerns before proceeding to the next stage.

Being able to quickly review recorded interviews is not helpful just to the hiring teams, but it also improves the candidate’s experience. Because teams are able to align faster, candidates spend less time waiting for next steps. This also means that candidates are saved from having to answer the same questions repeatedly, so they feel like their time is respected. This cumulative experience increases the likelihood that a top candidate will accept an offer.

2. Recruiters that use BrightHire see a 36% interview-to-hire conversion rate

We compared recruiters that regularly used BrightHire against those in the same company who didn’t, and the difference was striking. Recruiters with the highest BrightHire utilization saw a 36% interview-to-hire conversion rate when their interviews were run on BrightHire, vs. a 26% average for the rest of the team! This metric, which captures the percentage of interviews that resulted in an accepted offer, demonstrates that being able to record, review, and share interviews substantially elevates recruiter productivity.

Since BrightHire makes it easy to review prior interviews, it increases the signal provided at each stage. That gives recruiters more confidence earlier in the process, so they are less likely to schedule unnecessary interviews to confirm a direction they’re already leaning.

3. Recruiters talk 45% more to candidates who are hired

When speaking with candidates who are ultimately hired, recruiters speak almost twice as much as they do in conversations with rejected candidates. One possible explanation: stronger candidates are more skilled at concisely answering questions. Another explanation is that recruiters are better at communicating expectations and benefits when speaking with stronger candidates, or they are more effective at selling them. (Or a combination of all three factors.)

4. Conversations are 25% longer with candidates who are rejected

Given the fact that most recruiters are incredibly busy, this data point should grab the attention of every TA leader. Recruiters spend eight additional minutes on average with candidates who are eventually rejected, and all that extra time can really add up. The takeaway for leaders? Equip your team with the necessary training and toolset to help them be efficient with their time, especially with candidates who aren’t as promising. 

There’s much more to come!

We encourage you to dive into these insights with your team, and use them to frame a discussion around making your recruiting strategy even more impactful. 

And keep your eyes peeled as we share more insights in the near future. One of the most exciting things about interview intelligence is that it unlocks a brand new data source, and we’re committed to sharing these data points with TA teams to help everyone make better decisions and provide candidates with the best possible experience.

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