Team philosophy
  • Our engineers have a high degree of autonomy and ownership over their projects and are involved throughout the product journey.
  • We believe in iteration, continuous feedback, and taking small steps towards a larger goal.
  • Our process is continuously evolving to meet the needs of a growing team. We strive to find a balance between enough structure to streamline planning and communication but not so much as to be an unnecessary burden.

Tech stack
  • We work in Python / FastAPI on the backend and TypeScript / ReactJS on the frontend. Our data is stored in Postgres and we’re hosted on Google Cloud.
  • We place an emphasis on developers’ satisfaction with their development process. In doing this we invest heavily in staging environments, continuous integration, and deployment tooling.

Interview process
  • All of our interviews are run on BrightHire – this gives candidates a first-hand experience on the receiving end of the product we’re building.
  • We start with a 30 minute conversation to align on the opportunity – we’ll ask you about your previous experience, favorite tools/technologies, and your motivations for joining the team. Ask us anything: the development process, product roadmap, and what it’s like to work at BrightHire are all great places to start.
  • Next we’ll ask you to write some code – candidates choose the challenge that suits their work style: Do a short pair programming exercise with an engineer from the team, or complete a slightly more involved “take home” work sample.
  • Following the code exercise we will have you virtually join one of our engineers for a collaborative whiteboarding session where we will have you design and architect a product or feature from end to end.
  • The final step is a virtual “on-site”. This will consist of 3 interviews that will cover your work philosophy and values to gauge how closely they align with ours.

If you’re interested in chatting about opportunities on our engineering team, explore our open roles or feel free to just send us an email.

“This is the type of team where continuous improvement is prioritized and every decision is backed by thoughtful consideration and collaboration. Great teams build great software, and you’ll definitely experience that here.”

Andrea Armstrong

Staff Platform Architect