Before the Interview

Automatically create structured interview plans
Ensure structure in every interview by porting questions directly from your ATS. Cover more surface area with every candidate, and deliver a thoughtful, coordinated process.

Better interview prep
Don’t wing it. Interviewers can watch key highlights in double time to prep for conversations and make the most out of their limited time with candidates.

During the Interview

Live guidance and feedback
Give every interviewer the roadmap to a perfect interview with in-the-moment guidance, and the tools to facilitate a structured, consistent conversation.

Interviewers at their best
Free up interviewers so they can focus on candidates, not on taking notes. Give them the confidence to truly listen to candidates and deliver a great experience.

After the Interview

Confident, collaborative decisions
Give your hiring teams the gift of perfect information transfer with interview highlights
and native collaboration.

Better, faster feedback
Instantly refer back to key moments and automatically transfer them to your ATS. Asynchronously review conversations to accelerate hiring decisions and avoid scheduling bottlenecks.

Continuous Improvement

Automate coaching at scale and see it work
Use actual data from your team’s interviews to deliver personalized nudges, and effortlessly uplevel your entire team.

Analyze key patterns in your interview process
Gain new insights into interviewer behavior to optimize your process and candidate experience.

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The transformative impact of Interview Intelligence

Get new insights and stop relying on fuzzy memories and choppy notes, so you can make better, faster, more equitable hiring decisions.

Faster, more efficient hiring

Fill roles faster with a more collaborative, streamlined process that optimizes your recruiting funnel to capture great talent.

Transparency for equitable hiring

Demonstrate your commitment to reducing bias with equitable hiring practices and new visibility into interviews.

Recruiter & interviewer training

Onboard and upskill recruiters and interviewers with automated guidance and interactive coaching.

Quality interviews, quality hires

Give interviewers the tools they need to create the ideal candidate experience, and make decisions based on shared context.

Loved by Teams

100-200 Employees

“For our first hundred hires, I used to interview every candidate myself. We outscaled our ability to do that—but fortunately, now I have BrightHire.”

500-1000 Employees

“BrightHire has been instrumental to our hiring strategy, ensuring we are evaluating every candidate on consistent criteria and in their own words.”

100-200 Employees

“I am a huge fan! It’s great to finally have a tool that can advocate for candidates.”