Episode 3: Holly Procter’s Lessons from Building Teams at LinkedIn, WeWork, & Clari

On this episode, Holly Procter, SVP – Global Head of Sales at Clari, is joining to talk about her experiences leading sales teams at LinkedIn, WeWork, and Clari.

In the conversation, Holly shares:

  • How to assess your company’s environment and determine the skills you should be hiring for
  • How to hire for potential vs. experience
  • What to look for in internal and external leadership candidates
  • How to build the right team when expanding into new markets

Episode 2: Sean Murray, CRO at Greenhouse Software

Today’s guest is Sean Murray, CRO at Greenhouse Software. Over his 20-year career, Sean has served as a sales leader at Salesloft, Xactly Corp, and CEB and has hired hundreds of people.

In the conversation, Sean shares:

  • How his hiring approach has evolved over his career
  • How he enables his team to hire well
  • Lessons about hiring in uncertain economic times
  • Why it’s important to have a plan and a purpose when hiring

Episode 1: Mark Kosoglow on Building a Winning Sales Team from the Ground Up

On the latest episode of The Debrief, Mark Kosoglow, CRO at Catalyst Software, joins us for a new mini-series, Masters of Sales Hiring.

In his former role at Outreach, Mark went from being the first employee all the way to serving as the SVP of Global Sales. In the episode, Mark shares what he’s learned about building a top-notch sales team from the ground up.

Watch the conversation to uncover:

  • The lessons Mark has learned about hiring great AEs
  • How to assess for key competencies like coachability and work ethic
  • The importance of establishing a hiring mindset that counteracts affinity bias
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