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While Talent Acquisition teams have become decidedly more data-driven in the past few years, people leaders haven’t had any systematic insight into the activity that determines every single hiring outcome: interviews. 

Now, for the first time, that’s starting to change

BrightHire has been speaking with some of the TA industry’s most forward-thinking leaders to understand how gaining insight into interviews is leading to surprising discoveries — including opportunities to improve alignment, efficiency, and the candidate experience – and perhaps most importantly, promote equity and fairness in the heart of their hiring practices.

Some of the TA experts featured in this series include:

  • Jim D’Amico, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Celanese
  • Sarah Wilson, VP of People, SmartRecruiters
  • Cody Horton, Managing Director and Founder, Diverse Recruiting Experts
  • Connie Geiger, Head of Talent Acquisition – Consumer & Community Bank, Chase
  • Carly Jones, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Salesloft

We’re launching this content series to share how bringing structure, evidence, and insight into interviews is enabling teams to completely rethink how hiring teams work together, and tackle unconscious bias where it matters most: in the essentially human interactions at the heart of the hiring process

In a series of posts, we’ll profile how this next generation of TA leaders is leveraging insights to drive the metrics that matter, be better partners to the business, and elevate the human side of hiring.

The first up: how TA leaders like Jim D’Amico of Celanese and Carly Jones of Salesloft are getting creative to gain visibility into how their teams actually hire.

Applying Consistency and Rigor to Every Interview

Gathering data around conversations gives TA leaders the tools they need to achieve more consistent results in the interview process. What questions do team members ask? Do they assess all the necessary competencies for a specific role? 

Learn how leveraging insights from interview transcripts and trends will allow companies to catch gaps in the hiring process in real-time.

Completely Rethinking How Hiring Teams Collaborate

Interview insights make for a tighter, faster hiring process that’s a great experience for interviewers and candidates alike. Too often, candidates go through a disjointed interview process with poor handoffs, a lot of duplication, and a ton of wasted time. They’re regularly asked the same questions repeatedly and handed off to team members who aren’t prepared to dive into the most important questions.

We’ll demonstrate how real-time interview technology facilitates conversations that are both well-documented and fluid, enabling leaders to retain their most valuable candidates throughout the process.

Tackling Unconscious Bias Where It Matters Most

Many TA leaders have sought to reduce bias at the top of the funnel, but interview insights are a game changer for assessing fairness throughout every candidate interaction. Without visibility into the interview process, it’s impossible to look back on interviews without a biased and inaccurate memory informing opinions. We’ll show how TA leaders can use objective interview evidence to ensure that interview conversations are both fair and rigorous.

A new era of evidence-based hiring is here. TA leaders are now in a unique position to shape and influence every hiring conversation, cutting to the heart of their operations in an unprecedented way.

Read our next installment on what two seasoned talent leaders learned by gaining visibility into their organization’s interviews.

BrightHire works with forward-thinking TA leaders to bring structure, rigor, and fairness into the human side of their hiring process — so they can build talented, diverse teams, and deliver an exceptional experience to every candidate. You can learn more about how BrightHire is transforming the human side of hiring here or check out our coverage in Quartz and Inc. Magazine.

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