A powerful way to understand and eliminate bias.

“BrightHire’s Interview Equity Suite is an important advancement in the world of hiring. It gives interviewers the tools they need to give every candidate the opportunity to shine.”

“An equitable hiring process is the cornerstone of DEI. With BrightHire’s Interview Equity Suite, you can finally understand how bias shows up in hiring so that you can take action and achieve your DEI goals.”

Unlock insights that radically transform hiring.

At the heart of the Interview Equity Suite lies Equity Insights — a view unlike ever before into hiring that helps you understand how equitable your interview process is, unlocking a critical missing piece to achieve DEI goals.

Drive real change with actionable DEI insights

Uncover how equitable your hiring process is with important insights, like how talk time or the number of questions asked varies between female and male candidates.

Easily take action with smart alerts

Always keep your finger on the pulse of your hiring process with automatic DEI alerts delivered right to your inbox. Get updates in real-time with actionable tips that help you improve your interviews and proactively fix issues that could lead to bias.

Dive deeper into the metrics that matter

Build a fairer hiring process based on real data, not guesswork. Take a close look at important hiring metrics by gender across departments, positions, stages, and individuals.

Build the ultimate team of interviewers

Give your interviewers the guidance they need to provide a world-class candidate experience. Empower interviewers with goal setting and tracking to help them continuously grow and evolve their interviewing skills.

Talent Leaders 💙 the Interview Equity Suite

“BrightHire allows us to drive forward our DEI commitments with a new level of insight into our hiring process that’s never been possible before.”

“BrightHire helps us keep a consistent and equitable interview process with our candidates. It allows us to pull data from our interviews which can help us train our teams better on how to interview.”