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We’ve got big news! Anyone who knows us knows we love Zoom Video Communications, Inc. We’ve always had a Zoom integration, and Zoom Ventures invested in BrightHire’s Series B through the Zoom Apps Fund last year. So you can understand that we are over the moon excited to announce that BrightHire is launching our official BrightHire App for Zoom!

Interviews are the most essential part of your hiring process. Great interviews come down to a few key things: 

  1. Helping interviewers ask the right questions so they can facilitate a fair and consistent process.
  2. Giving interviewers the tools to truly focus on the conversation so they can better evaluate candidates.
  3. Capturing key interview moments so hiring decisions can be made based on facts, not bias and subjectivity. 

Now, you can do all of those things well with the new BrightHire App for Zoom

While we’ve always integrated with Zoom, our new app provides an even deeper integration. Now, the Interview Assistant sits directly in your Zoom Meeting window, giving you everything you need to run a great interview – all in one place. 

How does the BrightHire App for Zoom work?

BrightHire App for Zoom

Simply visit the Zoom App Marketplace, install the BrightHire App, join your Zoom interview, go to the app button, and launch the BrightHire App from your Zoom Meeting window. BrightHire will be there to record and transcribe the conversation for you. 

The BrightHire App for Zoom provides a smart notepad that helps you stay on track with the questions you need to ask, leave time-stamped notes and reactions for easy review, and quickly hand off feedback to your team following the interview. 

Elevate your interviews with BrightHire + Zoom

The BrightHire App for Zoom helps your team make evidence-based hiring decisions and collaborate in unprecedented ways as you chart your company’s future. Request a demo to see how BrightHire can help you simplify your interviews and make better hiring decisions.

Already a BrightHire user? Get started by installing the BrightHire App for Zoom and checking out our Zoom Apps Guide that answers all your burning questions! 

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