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At BrightHire, one of our core values is putting candidates first. We believe every candidate deserves a fair, equitable interview experience. Today, we’re taking our dedication to placing candidates at the heart of the hiring process one step further with the launch of our new feature, Compliance Check. 

Compliance Check helps give every candidate a great interview experience, keeps interviewers on track, and proactively supports compliant hiring. With Compliance Check, talent acquisition leaders can ensure every hiring decision is made based on the factors that matter, like experience and skills, and gain visibility unlike ever before into their organization’s interview practices to maintain an equitable, compliant hiring process.

How does Compliance Check work?

When topics arise in interviews that shouldn’t factor into hiring decisions, like family status, sexual orientation, or race, Compliance Check automatically hides irrelevant information and surfaces the occurrence to talent acquisition leaders to make it easy to up-level interview practices at scale. 

The feature supports candidates, interviewers, and organizations alike:

  • Candidates. Give every candidate an excellent, fair experience by ensuring their relevant job information is front and center for hiring decisions.
  • Interviewers. Help interviewers stay compliant and equip them with the knowledge needed to steer conversations away from topics that could lead to bias.
  • Organizations. Surface opportunities for proactive interviewer training at scale to systematically eliminate compliance issues early on.

“When candidates unknowingly bring up topics that aren’t to their benefit during interviews, Compliance Check helps us keep their information private and ensure every hiring decision is made based on the candidate’s experience and skills.”

Courtney Catalana, People & Talent Lead at Accrue Savings

How can I continue to proactively create a fair and compliant hiring process?

Compliance Check is part of a suite of tools we give to talent teams to run world-class, compliant interviews at scale:

  • Training. Build a world-class team of interviewers by delivering scalable, effective interview training with the ability to quickly spot-check and address areas of deficiency.
  • Accountability. Raise interviewer quality and professionalism with a truly transparent and accountable interview process that holds everyone to a higher standard.
  • Real-Time Guidance. Ensure interviewers stay focused on what matters by providing each interviewer in-the-moment guidance for more consistent and effective evaluations.
  • Confidence. Hire confidently, properly substantiate decisions, and bring clear and immediate resolution to any question with a factual record of every interview.

In addition, our team is continuing to build out a suite of features that support a compliant hiring process, including deeper coaching opportunities, alerts, and much more. 

How do I get started with Compliance Check?

To learn more about Compliance Check and how to incorporate it into your interview process, reach out to your BrightHire CSM.

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