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The Debrief is a series of conversations with founders, executives, talent thought leaders on how they build talented and diverse teams, hosted by our own Teddy Chestnut. 

This week Daniel Chait, co-founder and CEO of Greenhouse, joined The Debrief to discuss scaling Greenhouse in hypergrowth while disrupting HR tech. Key moments from the conversation highlighted below. 

On Running a Successful Business (44:38): The second hardest thing when running a business is hiring the right people. The first is succeeding without those people. 

Hiring is Everyone’s Job (40:40): Hiring is the job of everyone, but it starts with leaders. When the leaders care, so does the rest of the team. 

The Real Company Culture (9:30): How do you continue to build a company with changing generational values? People do not want to just wait their turn and do what they are told. 

Defining Criteria for a Job (27:42): Talent leaders often know what they want in a candidate, but don’t have the time to memorialize those standards. Taking even five minutes to write down goals can have a notably positive impact. 

The Value Proposition of New Tech (34:52): Build a piece of software that will partner with your customer’s business to achieve their goals.

The Cost of a Bad Hire (17:00): In a services focused business, a bad hire forces the company to pay salary out of its own pocket, rather than from revenue. Hiring talent is directly related to the business’s profit and loss. 

Watch the full conversation below. Missed the last session of The Debrief? Catch up here

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