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Last week we launched The Debrief, a series of conversations with founders, executives, talent thought leaders on how they build talented and diverse teams, hosted by our own Teddy Chestnut. 

Our first guest was Mike Gamson, CEO of Relativity and former SVP of Global Solutions at LinkedIn, on building world class teams. The full video and some buzzworthy soundbites from the discussion are below. 

The hiring binary (23:50): Every hire you make will either increase the quality of your team or decrease it. They either raise the average, or lower it. 

Hire to fill gaps in your teams (14:01): A key part of the hiring process is self reflection, what deficiencies do you have and how can you hire to complement your weaknesses? 

Hiring well versus hiring fast (23:00): Moving fast is important, but moving fast does not include making bad decisions on people. Sometimes to move fast, you need to slow down. 

On diversifying hiring (41:12): If you hire diverse early, inclusivity becomes second nature to your organization. The best time to do something is before, but the next best time is right now.

Optimizing your teams (46:03): Some new hires will be able to run fast and hit the ground running on day one. Others will be able to run far, but may not deliver the same results in the first few months. It is key to balance those who can run fast and those who can run far in building out your team. 

Two of Mike’s favorite questions (49:06, 21:21): What is the first thing you did for money? How heavy is the world? 

Watch the full conversation below. Tune in to our next episode of The Debrief with Rosanna Durruthy, VP Diversity and Inclusion @ LinkedIn on March 23rd. 


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