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Covid-19 has completely changed the landscape of remote work. Talent leadership needs next-generation solutions to rise to the challenge.

In the last six months, teams have adopted completely new ways to collaborate. And new platforms — like Figma, Miro, Zoom, Slack, and Teams — are fundamentally transforming how product, sales, marketing, and customer success teams work together: remotely, and in real time.

The same can’t be said for hiring teams. Collaboration in hiring has always been a game of telephone, and while other teams are using modern technology to work together seamlessly, hiring teams are communicating with the equivalent of tin cans and string. 

Now add the challenge of collaborating remotely. According to a recent survey conducted by PWC, 55% of employers anticipate that their employees will work from home at least one day a week, even long after COVID-19 is over. 

Until today, there’s been no collaboration platform for hiring teams. ATS platforms aren’t built for collaboration — when was the last time a hiring manager proactively logged into the ATS? Any seasoned recruiter will attest, the work of keeping hiring teams aligned is done across a combination of shared docs, spreadsheets, and emails (and before COVID, in hallway conversations).

In a new remote reality, if teams really want to work together to make rigorous, efficient, and fair hiring decisions, they’re going to need a completely new, modern set of tools.

How the Next Generation of Tools Will Change Hiring Outcomes

The best tools enable collaboration that was previously unthinkable. And now, for talent acquisition leaders, a new generation of tools is being built to enable a previously unimaginable level of collaboration across hiring teams. By capturing hiring conversations and making them replayable, shareable, and searchable, platforms like BrightHire are enabling hiring teams to move faster, deliver an exceptional candidate experience, and make better, less biased hiring decisions — every time.

“I think it’s going to change the landscape for recruiting,” says Carly Jones, Global Talent Acquisition Leader for Salesloft.

Below are just a few ways the next generation of hiring and collaboration tools will revolutionize how recruiting teams work together.

Tighten Alignment Across Recruiters And Hiring Teams

Collaborative hiring software enables recruiters to align more quickly with their hiring teams on what a “great” candidate sounds like. The ability to leave comments directly on interviews — such as flagging a moment that was the reason for a rejection, or starring a great answer to a key qualifying question — allows teams to get on the same page.

“Something that BrightHire really helps with is having thoughtful and in-depth conversations,” says Jones. “Having those be recorded so that the recruiter can consistently go back to the conversation and ensure that they are truly hearing the hiring managers’ needs and wishes [allows for] communication and education.”

That kind of mutual visibility means no more misalignment on what “great” looks like in a role, or weeks burned chasing down feedback from a hiring manager to understand why they said no to a string of candidates. Instead, recruiters and hiring teams can align tighter, and move faster.

Deliver an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Imagine if every interviewer knew exactly what their peers asked prior interviews, so they could build on that instead of asking the same questions, over and over again. It would allow for a richer interview experience, and be delightful for candidates. (Who likes answering “Tell me about yourself” five times in a row?)

“It’s important to us that everything we’re doing is providing our candidates with the best experience possible,” says Jones. “Candidates are the folks who are ultimately going to be our brands. They’re going to tell their friends and family about their experience, whether or not they work for us. So it’s critical that my team is giving everybody a really enjoyable experience.”

Get a Richer, Less Biased Perspective In Less Time

When a hiring manager is on the fence about a candidate, the most common next step is to… schedule yet another interview.

But when every member of a hiring team has access to all of a candidate’s interviews, teams can develop a sound, unbiased perspective about a candidate — without dragging out the interview process.

“[Comparing interview highlights] ensures that we’re looking at truly objective data,” says Sarah Wilson, VP of SmartRecruiters. “It’s also about eliminating bias.”

Using hiring software that captures interview highlights allows teams to replay key moments and get multiple perspectives on a single hiring conversation. This means they can triangulate perspectives and serve as a check on each others’ potential biases and blind spots, instead of bringing in candidates for continual roundabout interviews.

Make Better Hiring Decisions

The only way to consistently make quality hires is to consistently make quality hiring decisions. Hiring teams that have the ability to revisit, replay, and share interview highlights make better hiring decisions, every time.

Wilson recognizes that capturing hiring conversations is a fundamentally more sound way to make hiring decisions. With software like BrightHire’s, “you don’t have to take notes during an interview, because everything is recorded, and it’s tagged. And it’s time stamped. You’ll be able to find the data again.”

Easy access to more information translates into better communication and better decision making. And armed with interview-based evidence, TA leaders can ensure that they’re checking biases and getting the best possible person for the role.

The most impactful tools completely redefine how teams collaborate. Next-generation hiring software should enable teams to make more seamless handoffs and better, faster hiring decisions. 

And it needs to meet hiring teams where they currently work: in tools like Teams, Slack, Zoom, email, and calendars.

BrightHire does just this, and TA leaders are noticing. “It’s the most innovative recruiting solution that I’ve seen,” says Jones.


BrightHire helps forward-thinking organizations build more talented and diverse teams. You can learn more about how BrightHire brings hiring teams together here.

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